Thursday, March 26, 2009

188 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 34

166q: bilateral renal cell carcinoma is seen in ?

a. eagle barett’s syndrome
b. beckwith weideman syndrome
c. von hippel lindau disease
d. bilateral angiomyolipoma

167q: “ maldon teeth “ is due to ?

a. lead
b. fluoride
c. calcium
d. phosphorous

168q: the most common form of diabetic neuropathy is ?

a. acute mononeuropathy
b. autonomic neuropathy
c. polyradiculopathy
d. distal symmetric polyneuropathy

169q: Bhopal gas tragedy is an example of ?

a. point source epidemic
b. continuous epidemic
c. propagated epidemic
d. slow epidemic

170q: sex can be established by examining hair root cells for the presence of ?

a. Davidson body
b. Barr body
c. Golgi body
d. Medullary index

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