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371 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 23

111q: Laparascopic hand instruments are sterilized by all except
a. Autoclaving
b. Immersion in cidex 20%
c. Dry heat
d. Placing in a Formalin chamber overnight

112q: A nurse threw an infected gauze containing blood into a black bag after doing a dressing on a patient. Which of the following should have been done?
a. She did the right thing
b. She should have thrown it into a red bag and sent for incineration
c. She should have thrown it into a yellow bag and sent for incineration
d. She should pretreat it with antiseptic and then throw it in a yellow bag

113q: All are true about Retinoic acid syndrome except
a. Vitamin A toxicity
b. Pulmonary features
c. Due to mature neoplasm cell adhering to alveoli
d. Causes 10% mortality

114q: All of the following are true about pyramidal tracts except
a. Anterior corticospinal tracts are uncrossed
b. 80% of fibres are present in lateral corticospinal tract
c. Arise from pyramidal cells
d. Excitation of these causes presynaptic inhibition of sensory fibers

115q: Prevalence is increased by
a. Emmigration of diseased
b. Immigration of healthy
c. Good cure rate
d. Longer duration of disease

370 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 22

106q: Unilateral sensorineural hearing loss is seen in
a. Congenital rubella
b. Herpes zoster
c. Measles
d. Mumps

107q: The deformity which recurs most commonly after treatment in CTEV is
a. Equinus
b. Varus
c. Addiction
d. Cavus

108q: Maltomas represent
a. Marginal zone lymphoma
b. Mantle cell lymphomas
c. T cell lymphomas
d. Burkitt's lymphoma

109q: Which of the following is false regarding Benedict's syndrome
a. Contralateral tumors
b. Lesion in pons
c. Ipsilateral third nerve palsy
d. Lesion in red nucleus

110q: Caseation in TB is due to
a. Secondary infection
b. Delayed type hypersensitivity
c. Killing of TB bacilli
d. Liquefaction

369 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 21

101q: A 24 years aged person presents with solitary nodule in the thyroid. FNAC shows follicular neoplasm. What is the next best appropriate step?
a. Thyroid scan
b. Hemithyroidectomy
c. Wait and watch
d. Repeat FNAC

102q: Positive end expiratory pressure causes all except
a. Decreasing cardiac output
b. Decreasing CVP
c. Increasing residual volume
d. Sodium retention

103q: A 42 year old woman presents with atypical endometrial hyperplasia. What is the treatment of choice?
a. Hysterectomy
b. OC Pills
c. Estrogen
d. Progesterone

104q: A 25 year old lady presents with arrythmias, mid systolic clicks and dyspnea on exertion. What is the investigation to be done
a. Arteriography
b. Echocardiography
c. Chest X-ray
d. Electrophysiological tests

105q: A boy can climb up and down stairs,one step at a time, jump, build a tower of 10 cubes, open a door, use 3 words in a sentence. What is his minimum age
a. 20 months
b. 24 months
c. 30 months
d. 36 months

368 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 20

96q: What is the type of collagen that is predominantly seen in the early stages of wound healing
a. Collagen I
b. Collagen II
c. Collagen III
d. Collagen IV

97q: Which of the following indicates bad prognosis in a pancreatic injury
a. Pancreatic laceration
b. Pancreatic hematoma
c. Duct disruption
d. Pancreatitis

98q: Which of the following is an indication for delivery in twin pregnancy?
a. First twin breech and second twin vertex
b. First twin vertex and second twin breech
c. First twin vertex and second twin transverse lie
d. First twin transverse lie and second twin breech

99q: All of the following precipitate hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhosis except
a. Hypokalemia
b. Antibiotic treatment
c. Variceal bleed
d. Paracentesis

100q: Which of the following most commonly related with the pathogenesis of HNPCC
a. Trinucleotide excision repair defect
b. Base excision repair defect
c. Mismatch repair defect
d. Not recalled

367 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 19

91q: Stomach is supplied by all of the following arteries except
a. Left gastric artery
b. Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery
c. Inferior phrenic artery
d. Left gastroepiploic artery

92q: On autopsy the kidneys of a patient were small with hemorrhages. Biopsy showed hyperplasic arteriolitis and necrotizing glomeruli. What is the probable diagnosis?
a. Malignant Hypertension
b. Diabetes
c. Benign Hypertension

93q: What is Epituberculosis?
a. Primary TB
b. Post primary TB
c. Secondary TB
d. Disseminated TB

94q: Which of the follwing has the shortest half life
a. Sodium nitroprusside
b. Adenosine
c. Lignocaine
d. Thiopental

95q: Which of the following is the gold standard for the diagnosis of Renal artery lesions
b. CT angiography
c. arteriography
d. MRI

366 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 18

86q: All of the following are true about mature uncomplicated cataract except
a. Absent lens shadow
b. Pearly white colour
c. Normal anterior chamber
d. Absent light perception

87q: Ring pessary is used in all except
a. Puerperium
b. Stress incontinence
c. Patients unfit for surgery
d. Pregnancy

88q: All are types of skin traction except
a. Dunlop traction
b. Russel's traction
c. Buck's external traction
d. Bryant's traction

89q: Most commonly used source for external beam radiotherapy
a. Cobalt 60
b. Cesium 137
c. Iridium 131
d. Radium 226

90q: Cold sterilization is done by
a. Gamma rays
b. UV rays
c. IR rays
d. Not recalled

365 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 17

81q: A High grade Squamous Intraepithelial lesion was noted on Pap smear. What is the next step to be done?
a. Radical hysterectomy
b. Colposcopy guided biopsy

82q: Sentinel node biopsy is done in Breast cancer to take a decision about which of the following
a. Breast conservation surgery
b. Axillary node dissection
c. Chemotherapy
d. Radiotherapy

83q: Which of the following is not a screening procedure
b. Self examination
c. Clinical examination
d. Mammography

84q: Most common type of eclampsia is
a. Antepartum
b. Intrapartum
c. Puerperium
d. Not recalled

85q: Peripheral retinal neovascularisation is seen in all except
a. CML
b. Sickle cell anemia
c. Cockayne's syndrome
d. Retinopathy of prematurity

364 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 16

76q: All of the following are true about MIRENA (Levonorgestrel releasing intrauterine device) except :
a. It a highly effective contraceptive with a failure rate of 0.1%
b. It releases a daily dose of 20 micrograms levonorgestrel
c. It is used in menorrhagia
d. It can be used for a period of 5 years

77q: All are true about female condom except
a. It is made from polyurethane
b. It covers the vagina and external genitalia
c. Failure rate is 2 per HWY
d. Prevents STD

78q: All of the following are true about the mechanism of action of OCPs except
a. Decreases FSH and LH
b. Makes the cervical mucus thin,clear and watery
c. Inhibit ovulation
d. Not recalled

79q: Mechanism of action of CuT are all except
a. Direct spermicidal action
b. Causes biochemical changes which causes gametocytic and spermatolytic changes
c. Increases fallopian tube motility
d. Not recalled

80q: MTP at 8 weeks is by which of the following methods
a. Suction evacuation
b. Dilatation and currettage
c. Prostaglandins
d. Oxytocin

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

363 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 15

71q: Pretreatment of blood products with radiation prevents which of the following?
a. Febrile neutropenia

72q: Bilateral elevation of diaphragm occurs due to all of the following except
a. Obesity
b. Large abdominal tumor
c. Scoliosis

73q: A skin lesion which shows flat topped, polygonal papules ....... ?
a. Lichen planus
b. Pityriasis rosea
c. Pityriasis rubra pilaris

74q: What is the most common cause of Osteoma of External auditory meatus?
a. Trauma
b. Otitis
c. Swimming in cold water

75q: All of the following are closed reduction maneuvers to reduce shoulder dislocation except
a. Bigelow's
b. Stimson's
c. Kocher's
d. Hippocrates

362 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 14

66q: Which of the following is common in the children of pregnanct woman whose age is above 40 years of age?
a. Down syndrome

67q: Milk secretion is increased by all of the following except
a. Bromocriptine

68q: Roth spots are seen in
a. Subacute bacterial endocarditis

69q: Presence of Rosenthal fibers is feature of
a. Pilocytic astrocytoma

70q: Lower 1/3rd of oesophagus is commonly involved in
a. Adenocarcinoma

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

361 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 13

61q: Which of the following is not a compartment of the leg?
a. Anterior
b. Posterior
c. Medial
d. Lateral

62q: Lymphatics from the cervical portion of the Uterus drains into all of the following except
a. Superfiical inguinal lymph nodes
b. External iliac lymph nodes
c. Internal iliac lymph nodes
d. Obturator nodes

63q: All of the following impinge on the oesophagus except
a. Left main bronchus
b. Left subclavian artery
c. Arch of aorta

64q: All of the following are supplied by the Hypoglossal nerve except
c. Palatoglossus

65q: All of the following are extensors of the wrist except
a. Extensor digitorum profundus
b. Extensor indicis
c. Extensor pollicis brevis

360 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 12

56q: All of the following are contents of Carotid sheath except
a. Carotid artery
b. Internal Jugular vein
c. Vagus nerve
d. Sympathetic chain

57q: Hurthle cells are characteristically seen in which of the following
a. Hashimoto's thyrioditis
b. Subacute thyroiditis

58q: All of the following are true about Warfarin except
a. It is very useful in the prophylaxis of thromboembolism
b. It's effect is monitored by observing the clotting time
c. The INR is maintained between 2 and 3

59q: All of the following are causes of subcortical dementia except
a. Alzheimer's disease
b. Parkinson's disease
c. HIV associated dementia

60q: GFR was measured to be between 60-89 in a patients with chronic kidney disease. Which stage is he in ?
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
d. Stage 4

359 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 11

51q: Which of the following is a natural compound which causes increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma?
a. Aflatoxin

52q: Which of the following is the best investigation of choice for Endometriosis?
a. Laparoscopy

53q: Which of the following is the treatment of choice in a woman with hydramnios who is suffering from respiratory distress?
a. Amniocentesis

54q: What is the normal bitemporal diameter?
a. 7.5 cms
b. 8 cms
c. 8.5 cms
d. 9.5 cms

55q: What is the type of schizophrenia which has predominant motor symptoms, associated with negativism, echolalia, echopraxia etc?
a. Paranoid schizophrenia
b. Residual schizophrenia
c. Catatonic schizophrenia

358 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 10

46q: Birbeck granules are what type of cells ?
a. Langerhans cells

47q: Which of the following is a stain used for mast cells?
a. Toluidene blue
b. Von Kossa stain

48q: Which of the following is a coomb's positive hemolytic anemia?
a. SLE

49q: All of the following are staging systems used in hepatocellular carcinoma except
a. Okuda staging
b. Italian liver staging
c. AJCC staging
d. Robson's staging

50q: A woman suffers from pain exactly during the  mid menstrual cycle coinciding with ovulation. What is the diagnosis?
a. Mittelschmierz

357 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 9

41q: 3 bony point relationship is preserved in which of the following ?
a. Medial condyle fracture
b. Lateral condyle fracture
c. Supracondylar fracture of humerus

42q: Which of the following drugs is the most common cause of Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy?
a. Natalizumab

43q: What is the most common location of vocal nodules?
a. Junction of anterior 1/3rd and posterior 2/3rd of vocal cord
b. Junction of anterior 2/3rd and anterior 1/3rd of vocal cord
c. Posterior commissure

44q: Which of the following is a fast acting cycloplegic?
a. Tropicamide

45q: Which of the following is the first molar teeth to erupt?
a. First molar
b. Premolar
c. canines
d. Incisors

Monday, March 22, 2010

356 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 8

36q: Tache noir is seen in the eye how many hours after death?
a. 3 to 5 hrs
b. 6 to 8 hrs
c. 12 to 14 hrs
d. 16 to 18 hrs

*For more information on Tache noire click here .

37q: What is Testamentary capacity?
a. Ability of the person to give evidence in court
b. Ability to make a valid will

38q: Atrialization of Right ventricle is a feature of
a. Ebstein's anomaly

39q: All of the following are sex cord gonadal stromal cell tumors except
a. Sertoli-leydig cell tumor
b. fibroma-thecoma
c. Granulosa cell tumor
d. Brenner tumor

40q: Selenium is a constituent of which of the following enzyme ?
a. Glutathione reductase
b. Glutathione peroxidase

355 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 7

31q: Twin peak sign is seen in
a. Conjoined twins
b. Discordant twins
c. Dichorionic Diamniotic twins
d. ???????

32q: Moschowitz operation is done for
a. Vesico vaginal fistula
b. Enterocele
c. Stress incontinence

33q: Maximum transmission of HIV from mother to fetus occurs during which period
a. During parturition

34q: Which of the following drugs are absolutely contraindicated in Pregnancy?
a. ACE inhibitors

35q: Halban's disease is due to
a. Persistent corpus luteum
b. Deficient corpus luteum

Sunday, March 21, 2010

354 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 6

26q: Testicular artery most commonly arises from
a. Infrarenal branch of abdominal aorta

27q: All of the following are examples of bactericidal drugs except (AI 1999)
a. INH
b. Rifampicin
c. Ethambutol
d. Pyrazinamide

28q: Corneal sensations are lost in
a. Dendritic keratitis

29q: Which of the following is most commonly associated with LDL
a. Apo B48
b. Apo B100

30q: Severe falciparum malaria is treated by
a. Artesunate

353 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 5

21q: Which of the following is a feature of Human Poverty Index?
a. Knowledge

22q:  All of the following are features of Tumor lysis syndrome except
a. Hyperkalemia
b. Hyperuricemia
c. Hypercalcemia
d. Hyperphosphatemia

23q: All of the following are known to worsen hyperkalemia in a patient renal failure except
a. Spironolactone
b. ACE inhibitors
c. Furosemide

24q: What is Goodell's sign?
a. Softening of cervix
b. Contractions of uterus
c. Asymmetric enlargement of uterus

25q: Somogyi effect is associated with
a. Glucocorticoids
b. Insulin
c. Thyroid

352 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 4

16q: The most reliable criteria in Gustafson's method of identification is (AI 2003)
a. Cementum apposition
b. Transparency of root
c. Attrition
d. Root resorption

17q: Hatter's shakes are seen in poisoning due to
a. Arsenic
b. Mercury

18q: B Lynch suture is applied for
a. On uterus for Acute atonic PPH

19q: Nephrotoxicity is a side effect of
a. Cisplatin

20q: Lead pipe appearance of the fallopian tube is due to
a. Tuberculosis

351 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 3

11q: Which of the following is not commonly seen in Polycythemia Vera?
a. Thrombosis
b. Hyperuricemia
c. Prone for acute leukemia
d. Spontaneous severe infection

12q: Which of the following is the correct statement regarding findings in JVP ?
a. Cannon wave : Complete heart block
b. Slow y descent : Tricuspid regurgitation
c. Giant c wave : Tricuspid stenosis
d. Increased JVP with prominent pulsations : SVC obstruction

13q: Which of the following is not a common manifestation of Congenital Rubella?
a. Deafness
b. PDA
c. Mitral stenosis
d. Cataract

14q: Which of the following is the position of the limb in posterior dislocation of hip?
a. Internal rotation, flexion and adduction
b. Internal rotation, extension and adduction
c. External rotation, flexion and adduction
d. External rotation, flexion and abduction

15q: Craniospinal irradiation is employed in the treatment of
a. Oligodendroglioma
b. Pilocytic astrocytoma
c. Mixed oligoastrocytoma
d. Medulloblastoma

*The funny thing about all the above 5 questions is that, all of the above 5 questions were taken as it is from ALL INDIA 2002 PAPER, and i was wondering that there were no repeats. 

350 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 2

6q: All of the following are used in the induction of remission in a case of ALL except :
a. Vincristine
b. Prednisolone
c. L-asparginase
d. Cytosine arabinoside

7q: Long acting beta-2 agonist ?
a. Albuterol
b. Salmeterol
c. Pirlbuterol
d. Orciprenaline

8q: What is the mechanism of action of pirenzepine ?
a. H2 receptor antagonists
b. Proton pump inhibitors
c. Anticholinergic

9q: Crutch palsy is due to which nerve involvement?
a. Radial nerve
b. Ulnar nerve
c. Median nerve

10q: All of the following are components of Glasgow coma scale except
a. Eye opening
b. Verbal response
c. Motor response
d. Sensory response

349 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 1

1q: What is "CANAL OF PETIT" ?
a. Proximal part of schlemm canal
b. Space between the anterior and posterior suspensory ligaments of lens of eye

2q: A child needs a small outpatient surgical procedure. Which of the following is the best anaesthetic, if the child is asthmatic?
a. Propofol
b. Ketamine

3q: Pink colour appearance on otoscopic examination is seen in
a. Otosclerosis
b. Glomus jugulare

4q: Nitroblue tetrazolium test is done for
a. Phagocytosis

5q: Presence of amylase in the pleural fluid is seen in
a. Tuberculosis
b. Malignancy

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