Tuesday, December 15, 2009

328 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 7

31q: Vibrio parahemolyticus is seen in undercooked _______ ?
a. Shell fish
b. ???????
c. ???????
d. ???????

32q: Enlargement of the pituitary tumor after adrenalectomy is called ?
a. Nelson's syndrome
b. ???????????
c. ???????????
d. ???????????

33q: Common cause of death in PDA ?
a. Cardiac failure
b. ?????????
c. ?????????
d. ?????????

34q: Niemann pick disease is due to the deficiency of which of the following enzymes ?
a. Sphingomyelinase
b. aryl sulfatase
c. alpha glucosidase
d. glucocerebrosidase

35q: Uveoparotitis is seen in ?
a. Sarcoidosis
b. ????????
c. ????????
d. ????????

327 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 6

26q: Which of the following is most commonly involved in Takayasu arteritis ?
a. Coeliac axis
b. Coronary arteries
c. Superior mesenteric artery
d. Iliac artery

*Most common arteriographic abnormalities in Takayasu disease - here .

27q: Thrombocytopenia, Eczema and immunodeficiency are seen in which of the following ?
a. Wiskott aldrich syndrome
b. ???????????
c. ???????????
d. ???????????

28q: Marble bone disease is otherwise called ?
a. Osteopetrosis
b. ????????
c. ????????
d. Osteopoikilosis

29q: Nutmeg liver is seen in ?
a. Chronic Venous Congestion of liver (CVC of liver)
b. ???????????
c. ???????????
d. ???????????

30q: Which of the following drugs can cause thyroid dysfunction ?
a. Amiodarone
b. ??????????
c. ??????????
d. ??????????

326 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 5

21q: Cabot's ring in RBC is seen in ?
a. Acquired hemolytic anemia
b. hemochromatosis
c. thalassemia
d. After splenectomy

22q: All are used in brachytherapy except ?
a. Iridium 192
b. Cesium 137
c. Iodine 131
d. Iodine 125

23q: Linear accelerator produces ?
a. X-rays
b. Beta-rays
c. Gamma-rays
d. Alpha rays

24q: Mikulicz cells and Russell bodies are seen in ?
a. Rhinoscleroma
b. ??????
c. ??????
d. ??????

25q: Siffert katz sign is seen in ?
a. Blount's disease
b. ??????
c. ??????
d. ??????

Monday, December 14, 2009

325 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 4

16q: Complete cleft palate is totally separated from ?
a. Maxilla
b. Orbit
c. Vomer
d. None

17q: Which of the following is not a content of adductor canal ?
a. Femoral artery
b. Femoral vein
c. Saphenous nerve
d. Popliteal artery

*Visit this page for a detailed explanation of the relations and contents of Adductor canal.

18q: Weight of the Indian reference man and women are _____ and _______ respectively ?
a. 60 and 55
b. 70 and 50
c. 60 and 50
d. 65 and 55

19q: Karyotype of complete mole is ?
a. 46 XX
b. 69 XX
c. 46 XY
d. 69 XY

20q: Which of the following is the denominator of General Fertility rate ?
a. Mid year female population between 15-44 age
b. ???????
c. ?????????
d. ???????

324 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 3

11q: Degree of freedom in Chi square test of contingency 2x2 is ?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 4

Explanation : (c-1) X (r-1) = (2-1)X(2-1) = 1.

12q: Which of the following is an oxytocin antagonist ?
a. Ritodrine
b. Atosiban
c. ???????
d. ???????

13q: Sudden loss of muscle tone after emotional excitement is called ?
a. Cataplexy
b. Catalepsy
c. ??????????
d. ??????????

14q: Child speaks one simple sentence by how many years ?
a. 1 year
b. 2 years
c. 3 years
d. 4 years

15q: PCOD is characterised by ?
a. Insulin resistance
b. hyperandrogenemia
c. Endometrial hyperplasia
d. All the above

323 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 2

6q: Calculate BMI in a man, who weighs 98 kgs and whose height is 175 cms ?
a. 28
b. 32
c. 34
d. 36

Explanation : BMI = Weight (kgs)/ Height X Height (m) = 98/1.75 X 1.75 = 32.

7q: What is the earliest ocular sign in acoustic neuroma ?
a. ptosis
b. diplopia
c. loss of corneal sensation
d. ????????

8q: All are stored as liquid except ?
a. CO2
b. N2O
c. Cyclopropane
d. O2

9q: Councilman bodies are seen in ?
a. Acute Viral hepatitis
b. Heart failure
c. Wilson's disease
d. Cirrhosis

10q: Anaesthesia of choice in child with Cyanotic heart disease ?
a. Propofol
b. Ketamine
c. ??????
d. ??????

322 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 1

1q: Snow man appearance of heart is seen in ?
a. Tricuspid atresia
c. TOF
d. TGV

2q: Gartner's cyst arises from ?
a. Remnants of the paramesonephric duct
b. Remnants of the mesonephric duct
c. Cervix
d. Vagina

3q: Most common cause of vaginal bleeding in a neonate ?
a. Hormone withdrawal
b. Sarcoma botroides
c. Trauma
d. ????????

4q: Hanging drop preparation is used for ?
a. Trichomonas vaginalis
b. Gardnerella vaginalis
c. Candida
d. ????????????

5q: Dying declaration comes under which section ?
a. Section 30
b. Section 32
c. ??????
d. ??????

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

321 - PGI Chandigarh November 2009 Mcqs with answers part 9

41q: Which of the following are associated with senile amyloidosis ?
a. Transthyretin
b. Beta amyloid
c. AA amyloid
d. Heart failure is predominant presentation

42q: Most commonly Pancreatic pseudoaneurysm involves which arteries..
a) Gastroduodenal A.
b) Inferior pancreatico-duodenal
c) Gastric arteries
d) Splenic A.
e) Hepatic A.

43q: Kerley B lines are seen in :-
a) Pericardial effusion
b) Pleural effusion
c) Mitral stenosis
d) Interstitial edema
e) Lymphangitic carcinomatosis

44q: Biophysical profle includes..
a) Fetal heart rate acceleration monitoring
b) Fetal breathing movement
c) Fetal body movements
d) Placental examination
e) ????????

45q: Intra epidermal blisters are seen in:-
a) Bullous pemphigoid
b) Pemphigus folliaceous
c) Darrier's disease
d) Epidermolysis
e) ????????

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