Tuesday, December 15, 2009

327 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 6

26q: Which of the following is most commonly involved in Takayasu arteritis ?
a. Coeliac axis
b. Coronary arteries
c. Superior mesenteric artery
d. Iliac artery

*Most common arteriographic abnormalities in Takayasu disease - here .

27q: Thrombocytopenia, Eczema and immunodeficiency are seen in which of the following ?
a. Wiskott aldrich syndrome
b. ???????????
c. ???????????
d. ???????????

28q: Marble bone disease is otherwise called ?
a. Osteopetrosis
b. ????????
c. ????????
d. Osteopoikilosis

29q: Nutmeg liver is seen in ?
a. Chronic Venous Congestion of liver (CVC of liver)
b. ???????????
c. ???????????
d. ???????????

30q: Which of the following drugs can cause thyroid dysfunction ?
a. Amiodarone
b. ??????????
c. ??????????
d. ??????????

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