Monday, December 14, 2009

322 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 1

1q: Snow man appearance of heart is seen in ?
a. Tricuspid atresia
c. TOF
d. TGV

2q: Gartner's cyst arises from ?
a. Remnants of the paramesonephric duct
b. Remnants of the mesonephric duct
c. Cervix
d. Vagina

3q: Most common cause of vaginal bleeding in a neonate ?
a. Hormone withdrawal
b. Sarcoma botroides
c. Trauma
d. ????????

4q: Hanging drop preparation is used for ?
a. Trichomonas vaginalis
b. Gardnerella vaginalis
c. Candida
d. ????????????

5q: Dying declaration comes under which section ?
a. Section 30
b. Section 32
c. ??????
d. ??????


totti said...

section 32

dukhi said...

gartner's duct is remnants of mesenephric duct

dukhi said...

ans of 4q is trichomonas

dukhi said...

ans of 5q is ipc 32

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