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14 - NIMS Neurosurgery paper mcqs ( Nizams institute of medical sciences neurosurgery paper mcqs questions )

NIMS Neurosurgery ( 18/06/2006)

1. ADHD means...... attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
2. Most common type of congenital cataract... zonular or blue dot
3. clinical picture of panophthalmitis in acute inflammatory proptosis.....
4. cause of non healing corneal ulcer.... DM /secondary glaucoma
5. peripheral thickness of cornea compared to center.....periphery is thick
6. CRAO ,thrombosis , cause of sudden loss of vision ( picture of retina)... acute thrombosis of retinal artery ,cherry red spot
7. corneal reflex is supplied by .....nucleus of trigeminal nerve....mesencephalic nucleus
8. Menieres disease triad..... sensorineural deafness, tinnitus ,vertigo not dysarthria
9. conductive deafness vs sensorineural loss graph........ confusion between conductive vs sensorineural
10.evoked potentials of inner ear........ may be greater at the base of cochlea
11.tetany is elicited by tapping at ...... portion of face( picture) ... at site 3 , zygomatic arch
12. facial nerve palsy person can do ......clench the teeth( as it is supplied by trigeminal-masseter)
13.one and half syndrome is due to involvement of ....... pprf/ medial lemniscus..
14. non healing fungal infection of scalp not responding to antibiotics.....kerion
15.cause of altered sensorium in the treatment of aneurysmal clip after 5 days ... vasospam mostly
16. video monitoring of autopsy is done according to human rights in case of ......custodial death
17. eruption of permanent teeth in the order of ......1st molar........first
18.altered consciousness with the blisters on the extensors and constricted pupil...opiods.
19.Underlying malignancy is presented in the form of .....acanthosis nigricans
20.oculomotor involvement with out involvement of pupil in .....diabetes mellitus
21.picture of sickle cell anaemia, investigation of choice is .....hemoglobin electropheresis
22.picture of
india ink preparation in hiv patient .....cryptococcus
23.ct scan picture of solid lesion with contrast in a cyanotic heart disease....pyogenic abscess
24.formaen ovale transmitts....... nerve...mandibular nerve
25.alcohol koraskoffs psychosis is due to involvement of ...... mamillary bodies
26. picture of aneurysm......which artery involved... mostly posterior communicating
27.schematic diagram of heme synthesis......
28.product of cholesterol acting on adrenal glands.....confusion b/w pregnelione and progesterone
29.mechanism of action of ethosuxamide....acts on calcium T receptors
30.which antilepileptic drug does not follow michael menton kinetics....phenytoin
31.events of graph of rigormortis,body temperature, and decomposition....temp,rigor mortis, decomp
32. cell cycle events....mitogens, dna replication, mitosis (G0, S, M)
33.ecothiophate action is similar to...organophosphorus poisons
34. chemical reaction which doesn't occur in liver....mostly reduction
35. Tracheo esophageal fistula.... intermittent pouch suction can be done
36. methods of decreasing cerebral edema.... except head low position
37. graph of pressure vs volume of csf in brain...not much increase in pressure initially to volume then ....
38. cerebral blood flow in brain in ....... ml/100grams/min below which there will be assault to brain ...20 ml/100 gm/min
39. child with obesity, growth retardation and etc.... is due to .......tumor of brain...craniopharygioma
40 origin of metastasis , ct scan picture, clinical features of otitic pain..... mostly lung
41. excruciating pain in left ear with facial involvement with granulation in ear with intact drum....pseudomonas infection
42. involvement of which artery leads loss of sensations of face , body and limbs...contralateral vertebral artery
43. pseudo bulbar palsy ...seen in motor neuron disease
44.sudden cause of bilious vomitting in a child....malrotation of midgut
45.intrinsic factor is secreted by....parietal cells
46.first change seen after the injection of cyanocobalamin....increased reticulocyte count
47. ct scan picture of dilated ventricles , cause is ....aqueductal stenosis
48. ct scan picture of frontal lobe infarction leading to .... hemiplegia,abulia,incontinence
49. z plasty picture.... pqrs...ps
50 polyfilament absorbable suture material...polyglycolic acid
51. alpha neurons supply.... doesnot maintain tone, project into ventral horns,supply extrafusal fibres..
52.picture of nucleus gracilis carrrying sensations...propioception,vibration,position
53. central cervical cord syndrome...lower limbs paralysis sparing upper limbs
54. thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.... answer for decreased platelets, normal pt,aptt
55.loss of which function involved in the fracture of of shaft of humerus...loss of flexion of elbow
56. nerve damaged in the decompression of carpal tunnel syndrome.... mostly palmar cutaneous branch of median nerve , if not ulnar nerve
57.jeaaness sign in ulnar nerve... confusion between paralysis of flexor pollicis brevis and 1st lumbrical
58. loss of pulses of limb in a patient with mid diastolic murmur....acute thrombo embolism/thoracic outlet syndrome
59. temporal arteritis...giant cells with intimal destruction
60.interal carotid artery aneurysm with contralateral hemiplegia causes ..... of pupil...ipsilateral mydriasis
61.diagram of foleys catheter used to connect suprapubic catheterisation... it is definetly not the normal foleys urinary catheter
62. transport media of digit.... confused b/w liquid nitrogen, or normal saline placed again in ice bag
63. repair of tendon is done when....may be when number of fascicles are 5 to 10
64.cross matching means.... he confused me a lot, so i can't tell the answer
65.cause of multiple echymoses of femur /thigh in a child...definitely child abuse
66.graph depicting dye excreted through kidney in conditions of obstruction,failure,renal artery stenosis....graphs are always confusing
67.use of antiretroviral therarpy in ...when cd4>500 and viral load <>
68. calculation of power in Biostatistics ....1-p2, not sure
69. A boy presented with fever , rash on trunk pages , what do u do for her healthy sister...it is a case of chicken pox, so active immunisation of his sister
70.minimal pressure required to inflate et tube to prevent aspiration and pressure necrosis....mmof hg... 20 mm of hg ( 1mm of hg = 1.36 cm of water)
71.environmental factors in the administration of drug...surely not the condition of patient
72.factors of neurolytic drug acting on nerve....need not be volume
73. relationship of brachial plexus with the subclavian/axillary artery...2nd part of axillary artery mostly
74. nerve originating from trunk of brachial plexus....suprascapular
75. cricoid cartilage corresponds to ...... cervial verterbra... c6
76. D8 corresponds to ...... level of spinal cord ... D11
77. weight bearing portion of heel is supplied with which segment of cord... S1
78. picture of abduction injury of ankle... copied the diagram ditto from maheswari
79.commonest part of autologous cancellous graft...iliac crest
80.method of diagnosis of acute haematogenous osteomyelitis.... it is clinical
81.meralgia paraesthetica... pain sensation on the lateral aspect of thigh
82. knee to hand gait is due to involvement in polio paralysis.... mostly due to involvement of quadriceps as maheswari tells quadriceps is the most common muscle involved in polio
83. waddling gait is due to involvement of ... gluteus medius muscle
84.picture of Z plasty.... repeat not in the exam
85. ct scan picture of acoustic neuroma.... excellent picture of acoustic neuroma with classical clinical findings given in the exam, good reference is lindsay
86. ideational apraxia is due to involvement of .....lobe ... frontal lobe given in lindsay
87. olfactory nerves and olfactory bulb....question was asked on except so the answer is it is wrong to say most of the olfactory nerves lie extra cranially
88 contralateral superior quadrantoanopia and ipsilateral scotoma... ipsilateral optic radiation
89.central pain syndrome... mostly anwer should be headache
90. definition of causalgia...reflex sympathetic
91.echocardiogram uses which technique... ultrasound technique
92. type of radiation used in ct scan... x ray
93. maximum radiation exposure is due to .... ivp,renal scintigraphhy ... i wrote renal scintigraphy
94.perfusion mismation in pulmonary scintigraphy is due to... pulmonary embolism
95.inferion rib notching is due to... hyperparathyroidism
96. congenital absence of parathyroid glands associated with... absence of thymus
97 mhc class II is present on ....macrophage
[snip] ankle brachial index leading to gangrene.... <0.3>
99.extraocular involvement if the patient tilts head to right to gaze... left inferior oblique
100. superior orbital syndrome....doesn't involve rather spare optic nerve
101.nerve associated with vertebral artery passing through foramen transversarium...(picture)...???
102.scaphocephaly...premature closure of sagittal sutures
103.drug contraindicated in acute intermittent porphyria... phenobarbital
104. lumbar sympathectomy done in ...it is not done in acute herpes zoster
105.vagus nerve, does it involve in the movement of tongue... not vagus it is hypoglossal
106.ph 7.5, pco2 30 po2 105 hco3 22 ....acute respiratory alkalosis
107. diagram of cell cycle... repeat but not in exam
108.if uag is replaced by uaa codon what will happen to chain synthesis... no change as both are terminating codons
109.in sturge weber syndrome type of intracranial calcification... confused b/w gyri calcification of periventricular
110.if pka is 7.6 of drug ph is 7.4 what is the percentage of uncharged ions... dont know
111.pQLI.... infant mortality rate, life expectancy at age 1, literacy
112. cavernous sinus thrombosis... followed by sinusitis leading to chemosis, orbital cellulitis
113.rule of hasse means.... C R length
114. stage of entamoeba histolytica seen in brain...trophozoite
115. true about cysticercosis...man is definitive host
116. free living amoeba leading to cns infection...naegleria fowleri
117. signs of brain death....definitely not hypothermia
118.all of the following are hemoparasites except... loa loa
119.choroidal artery is a branch of ... internal carotid artery
120.more expensive,less effective picture... it should be discarded from the trials
121. connections of nuclei of cerebellum... to red nucleus of thalamus, or they may leave inferior cerebellar peduncle
122. definition of cerebral palsy.... tactile sensations ( sensory) are not lost
123.toxicity in brain is due to ... glutamine excitotoxicity
124. staphylococcus poisoning is due to release of .... toxin ... enterotoxin
125.in brain toxic products are converted in to..... glutamine
126.maximum number of t lymphocytes in blood are which type.... hopefully helper t cells
127.epileptogenic antibiotic in renal failure... should be cephalosporins eg: ceftazidime
127. which substance doesnot act on intracellular/nuclear receptors... confused b/w 1,25 dihydroxy cholecalciferol and cortisol
128. hormone which acts on tyrosine kinase receptors...insulin
129.melanocytes functions... dont know but i wrote they are clear in solution
130.cocci arranged in chains ,gramstained in throat swab....acute pharyngitis
131.site of bleeding of middle meningeal artery in extradural haematoma...pterion
132. which ligament of uterus contains ovarian artery, vein , nerve...Broad ligament
133. fertile period of women can be known by the estimation of ..... LH as it is mention in shaw (ovistix)
134 glasgow coma scale of a person who is withdrawing limb and opening eyes to painful stimuli and responding verbally with inappropiate words..... 9
135.vasogenic response in brain is seen in .... hypoxic damage to brain
136.question on neutron activation analysis.... to determine age of human skeleton
137.ct scan picture of medial temporal lobe calcification... it is calcification not tumour
138.tuberous sclerosis.....
139.question on melanocytoma....don't know
140.involvement of posterior inferior cerebellar artery leads to .......involvement of pharyngeal, palatal and laryngeal muscles
141. Computed Tomography used which type of rays......x rays

13 - nims paper 2007( nizams institute of medical sciences entrance paper 2007 mcqs )

1.which is incorrect about meigs syndrome? C
d.resolution of hydrothorax after the removal of ovarian fibroma

2. which of the following is drug of choice for Hypertension who is non diabetic and has good renal function...? A
a. beta blockers
b. calcium channel blockers
c. ACE inhibitors

3. which is incorrect about sensorineural deafness? D
a. Webers test lateralised to better ear
b. Rinne's test positive
c. Inability to listen properly in loud voices
d. There is bone-air gap

4. Which of the following arises from the nasal septum and friable and bleeds on touch? D
a. polyp
b. Rhinophyma
c. Rhinoscleroma
d. Rhinosporidiosis

5. Which of the following is associated with severe edema in children?B
a. glottic
b. sub glottic
c. supraglottic
d. epiglottic

6. which of the following is not done for a 10 month old child of inhaled foreign body? A
a. Helminch manouvere
b. Rescue breathing
c. Back blow and chest compression
d. Tongue lift and jaw thrust

7. which of the following is not a granulomatous condition? B
a. opthalma nodosum
b. follicular conjunctivitis

8. The flourescein angiogram of the eye was shown in the diagram and asked what is the Pathology ? B/C
a. macular edema
c. small leaks from the vessels
d. ....

9. which of the following doesn't include biophysical profile? C
a. fetal movements
b. amniotic fluid
c. fetal weight
d. ....

10. which of the following is correct about progesterone? B
a. uterine relaxation
b. inhibits LH

11. which is correct about vaso praevia? A:false R:true
Assertion : mother develops hypotension and shock
reason : loss of blood belongs to fetus

12. A pregnant woman develops sensory disturbance along the palmar aspect of hand , what is the important diagnostic test? A
a. nerve study and electromyogram
b. fasting blood sugar and Post Lunch blood sugar levels
c. X ray of the hand.
d. .........

13. A pregant woman in third trimester develops swelling of feet and breathlessness and initially she got treated with oxygen,.. what is the next step? C
a. doppler and give heparin if positive
b. CT scan
c. V/Q scan ... give heparin if positive
d. heparin to be given now and wait for the radiology

14. A diagram was given and asked to identify the diameter of measurement of the pelvis....? A
a. diagonal conjugate
b. posterior sagittal diameter
c. interspinous diameter
d. ...

15. which of the following is incorrect about the following statement?D
d. Folate administration in early pregnancy doesn't prevent neural tube defects

16. osteochondritis dessicans occurs in ? A
a. knee
b. elbow
c. head of femur
d. ankle

17. viscera are preserved in ? B
a. normal saline
b. saturated solution of salt
c. formalin
d. .....

18. contributory negligence is contributed by? A
a. patient
b. doctor
c. paramedic staff
d. hospital

19. which of the following is correct, 1. relationship of body parts of fetus with each other 2. relation ship of which part of the fetus occupies the lower part of the uterus 3. relation ship of the part of the fetus with maternal pelvis A

a. attitude, presentation , postion
b. position, presentation, attitude
c. presentation, attitude, position
d, attitue, position, presentation

20. A diagram of cystocoele, enterocoele and rectocoele was given, ... so try to be perfect with definitions ...

21. which of the following artery can be palpated on zygomatic arch? A
a. superficial temporal
b. inferior orbital
c. ....
d. ....

22. which of the following deficiencies are not associated with neurological manifestations? D
a. Thiamine
b. Niacin
c. Vitamin B 12
d. Folic acid

23. which of the following follows starlings law? A
a. preload and stroke volume
b. afterload and stroke volume
c. after load and end diastolic volume
d. ....

24. In which portion of the nephron potassium secretion commences? A
a. Thick ascending loop of Henle
b. distal convuluted tubule
c. Collecting duct
d. .....

25. Descending corticospinal tracts descends in ? A
a. posterior limb of internal capsule
b. white matter of dorsal part of spinal cord
c. ....
d. ....

26. which bacteria acts upon and glycine and GABA in cns? A
a. Clostridium tetani
b. Clostridium botulinum
c. clostridium welchi
d. cornybacterium diphtheria

27 which bacteria ascends the neurons to cause cns infection? A
a. clostridium tetani
b. ....
c. ...
d. ...

28. which of the following drugs should be used carefully along with ziduvidine for the fear of bone marrow depression? A
a. gancyclovir
b. rimantidine
c. zanamavir
d. ....

29. what is the mechanism of action of rimantadine in influenza? A
a. uncoating of viral cell
b. inhibits proteins synthesis
c. inhibits DNA
d ....

30 which is incorrect about dermatomyositis ? A/B/C are seen in dermatomyositis
a. mechanics hands
b. gottrons patches
c. periungual telangectesia
d. ....

31. what is the difference between apoptosis and necrosis? A

a. plamsa membrance intact
b. loss of blood supply
c. mitochondrial permeability
d. ....

32. A diagram given about pedal pressures in 3 conditions plus normal in standing....walking and then standing....
1. normal standing 130 mmof Hg ...walking falls to maximum ... and then rises
2. walking pedal pressures increases than 130 mmof hg in one condition
3. walking pedal pressure falls minimal in one condition
4. walking pedal pressure falls moderately but less than normal in once condition..

a. 1. normal 2. obstruction 3. post thrombosis 4. varicose veins A
b. 1. normal 2. post thrombosis 3. obstruction 4. varicose veins
c. 1. normal 2. varicose veins 3. post thrombosis 4. obstruction
d. 1. normal 2. post thrombosis 3. varicose veins 4. obstruction

33. A diagram of Glomerulus is given and asked about 3 conditions
1. post streptococcal glomerulonephritis 2. IgA nephropathy 3. membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis

34. A diagram of cell given with various sites of action of drugs on HIV.... protease inhibitors, fusion inhibitors, reverse transcriptase inhibitors were options in the question?

35. A diabetic patient with high aniongap(values given) has pH 7.3 pco2 24 , Hco3 14 ... is suffering from.... C
a. metabolic acidosis
b. uncompestated metabolic acidosis
c. compensated meatabolic acidosis
d. .....

36 . A diagram given with pco2 on x axis and hydrogen ion concentration of y axis ........and questioned about various acid-base disorders?

37.whic of the following doesn't include systemic inflammatory response syndrome? D

a. WBC <>
b. Resp rate > 30 / min
c. Heart rate > 90/min
d. presence of metamyelocytes

38. which of the following is not done for rhabdomyolysis? A
a. urine acidification
b. osmotic diuresis
c. calcium infusion
d. haemodialysis

39. Which of the following doesn't cause pseudo bulbar palsy?

a. cerebral vasculitis
b. motor neuron disease
c. ....
d. ....

40. which of the following is definitely associated with broncho pleural fistula? A
a. pneumothorax
b. empyema
c. abscess
d. pleural effusion

41. which of the following doesn't have intestinal Pathology ? B
a. abetalipoproteinemia
b. agammaglobinemia
c. ...
d. ....

42. which of the following is not seen in Acute intermittent porphyria?B
a. abdominal pain
b. photosenstivity
c. ....
d. ....

43. Bilious vomitting without food particles seen after gastrectomy surgery is due to ? A
a. duodenal stump disruption
b. afferent loop syndrome
c. gastric outlet obstruction
d. dumping syndrome

44. plane of the whipples resection diagram is given .... A
a. plane involving gallbladder, some part of stomach ,, duodenum ( oblique )
b. plane running vertically to stomach
c. plane transversly through jejunum

45.nerve injured in the fracture of the shaft of the humerus? B
a. ulnar nerve
b. radial nerve
c. median nerve
d. anterior interosseus nerve

46. A diagram of legs of a child given and asked about the condition of the patients who suffers from painful lesion on legs... A
a. erythema nodosum
b. erythema multiforme
c. erythema chronicam migrans
d. erythema marginatum

47. which of the following in not done for a 70 year old patient with sepsis and anuria with high respiratory rate? B
a. I.V fluids of 2-3 litres bolus
b. monoclonal antibody to TNF
c. Mechanical ventilation
d. Antibiotics

48. which of the following stage of taenia solium is infective stage to pig? B
a. eggs
b. cyst
c. inverted scolex
d. everted scolex proglattids

49.which of the following organisms infect reticuloendothelial cells? A
a. Histoplama
b. coccidiomycosis
c. candida
d. cryptococcus

50 A diagram of india ink preparation of a HIV patient? A
a. cryptococcus
b. candida
c. ...
d. ...
1. which of the following is used for diabetic retinopathy?
a. Diode
b. Argon
c. Nd YAG laser

2. A patient smoker , diagram given with increased folds of the stomach.... x ray picture? B
a. menieters disease
b. carcinoma of stomach

3. Lung histology picture of a smoker who presents with coupious sputum is given ?A
a. Bronchoalveolar carcinoma
b. interstitial lung disease

4.A diagram given with the following A:wrong R:true
2 conditions are given where the 10 year mortality is same,in one condition screening test is used.

Assertion: Application of screening test improves the mortality
reason : lead time bias gives an erroneus reading of the mortality

5. A picture of a baby given in prone posture to remove the inhaled foreign body, baby is kept on the lap with body facing down the right side?

a. apical
b. lower posterio-lateral
c. superior
d. lateral

6. which of the following is haematotoxic? C
a. krait
b. cobra
c. viper
d. sea snake

7. which portion of the facial nerve if injured leads to loss of anterior 2/3rd tongue taste sensation and lacrimation affected with no hyperacusis and both upper and lower face involved? C

a. in the middle ear
b. intra cranial part
c. proxima to exit through stylomastoid foramen
d. ....

8. what is the purpose of the shunt used in the treatment of tetralogy of fallot between subclavian artery and pulmonary artery? A:True

Assertion: cyanosis is reduced by shunting more blood to lungs
reason : .........

9. which of the following is pathognomic of hypertrophied obstructive cardiomyopathy ? A is most important, B is also true but can seen in other conditions also

a. outflow gradient
b. systolic anterior motion of mitral leaflet with mitral regurgigations
c. decreased ejection fraction
d. ......

10. A diagram given with the areas of pain radiation with central chest and back ...the condition is A

a. aortic dissection
b. Acute MI
c. Gastroesphageal reflux disease
d. .......

11. A patient has lot of fear to attend party for the symptoms of severe abdominal pain...the condition is ? A

a. chronic pancreatitis

12. A diagram of spirometer given and asked which values are calculated?

a. forced expiratory flow rate
b. vital capacity

13. A diagram of the eye given with pointer on the canal of schlemm, what is the associated Pathology ? A

a. glaucoma
b. uveitis
c. conjuntivitis

14. A diagram of bone marrow given with larges cell among others....which of the following is produced by that cell? B

a. neutrophil
b. platelet
c. eosinophil
d. basophil

15. A diagram of monocyte/myelomonocye given with auer rod....what is the Pathology ? A

a. AML (M3)
b. CLL
c. CML
d. ALL

16. which of the following is predisposed by down's syndrome? A
a. AML
b. neurofibromas
c. lymphomas

17.which of the following conditions associated with painful cutaneous nodules? A

a. sporothrix schenkii
b. Histoplasma
c. coccidiomycosis
d. candida

18. which of the following is true about recurrent laryngeal nerve relation to thyroid gland? C , that's why inferior thyroid artery should be ligated away from the thyroid lobe.
a. closer to superior thyroid lobe
b. away from superior thyroid lobe
c. closer to inferior thyroid lobe
d. away from inferior thryoid lobe

19. A diagram of x ray tube given and asked to identify the high voltage anode?

20. M spike of serum electrophoresis given, what is the Pathology ? A
a. monoclonal gammopathy
b. polyclonal gammopathy
c. nephrotic syndrome

21. which of the following is not done in multiple myeloma? C
a. bone marrow biopsy
b. serum electrophoresis
c. urine electrophoresis
d. bone scan

22. A boy has got 2 parents and 2 grand parents and 3 siblings develops infection ,,, both parents and grand parents are immunised.... and 3 siblings are not immunised and 2 of them got infection , what is the secondary attack rate? B 2 /3 x 100

a. 75 percent
b. 66.67 percent
c. 50 percent
d. 25 percent

23.which of the following is representative of tubular function? B
a. GFR
b. PAH secretion
d. ....

24. which of the following is associated with heart failure ,flushing , hypertension..... A

a. carcinoid syndrome
b. phaeochromocytoma

25. which of the following is true about phaeochromocytoma A/R : True

Assertion: alpha blockers are used before beta blocker
Reason : only beta blockers leads to increased hypertension

12 - pancreatitis causing drugs - whole list

1. 5-Aminosalicylate
2. 6-Mercaptopurine
3. Azathioprine
4. Cytosine arabinoside
5. Dideoxyinosine
6. Diuretics
7. Estrogens
8. Furosemide
9. Metronidazole
10. Pentamidine
11. Tetracycline
12. Thiazide
13. Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole
14. Valproic acid

Probable Cause :

1. Acetaminophen
2. α-Methyl-DOPA
3. Isoniazid
4. l-Asparaginase
5. Phenformin
6. Procainamide
7. Sulindac

 ( DOPA, dihydroxyphenylalanine )

P.S : This question is very frequently asked in PGI chandigarh PUNJAB entrance examination .

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11 - 151 to 200 - ap pg paper 2008 - andhra pradesh medical post graduation entrance paper 2008

151. what is the range of proteinuria is microalbuminuria ? a

a. 30 to 300mg / d

152. which semicircular canal is stimulated with cold water ? a

a. lateral scc
b. posterior scc
c. anterior scc

153. which of the following is associated with renal stones ? b

a. tiagabine
b. zonasimide

154. In which of the following conditions acetazolamide is not used ? b

a. epilepsy
b. cirrhosis

155. Which of the following is not the presentation of Extrinsic allergic alveolitis ? a

a. Bronchial asthma and wheeze
b. B/l reticulo nodular shadows

156. Band shaped keratopathy seen in ? a

a. JRA

157. Which of the following is incorrect about dubin johnson syndrome ? a

a. alkaline phosphatase is elevated

158. Systolic murmur in TOF is due to ? b

a. VSD
b. pulm stenosis

159. which glycogen storage disease doesn't affect muscles ? a

a. type 1
b. type 2
c. type 3
d. type 4

160. Cholestasis is due to all except ? c

a. obesity
b. excessive haemolysis
c. high protein diet
d. pregnancy

161. which is the characteristic lesion of pregnancy ? d

a. vitiligo
b. pemphigus
c. tinea
d. chloasma

162. A person recently exposed to sex presents with painless granulomatous ulcer with everted edges ? a

a. primary chancre
b. chancroid
c. LGV
d. Donovanosis

163. which type of clostridium tetani has no flagella ? a ( not sure )

a. type 1
b. type 2
c. type 4
d. type 3

164. Specific congenital abnormality associated with DM ? a

a. caudal regression syndrome
b. VSD

165. Fibrates acts by reducing ? b ( VLDL according to K.D.Tripati )

a. chylomicrons
c. LDL
d. HDL

166. shortest acting benzodiazipine ? a
a. midazolam
b. lorazepam

167. Severity of Aortic stenosis is determined by ? a

a. Late ejection systolic murmur

168. mRNA codes for ? a

a. poly A
b. poly U
c. poly C
d. poly G

169. Which of the following has propensity to metastasize through lymph nodes ? a

a. alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
b. osteosarcoma

170. which of the following is not poor prognosis factor in malnutrition ? a

a. dermatosis
b. hepatomegaly

171. Extended ESI benefit are all except ? d

a. news paper establishments
b. non power 18 employees
c. non power less than 18 employees
d. small power 10 to 18 employees

172. which of the following is not seen due to mutiple myeloma ? b a. amyloidosis b. pxoximal tube defect c. light chains d. 173. treatment of vault prolapse ? a a. sacral colpoplexy 174. Not a contraindication for external cephalic version ? a a. breech presentation 175. Not a leading cause of DIC in pregnancy ? c a. eclampsia b. abruptio placenta c. Heart disease 176. Engaging diameter in brow presentation ? a a. mentovertical 177 A blunt trauma to chest with Bp 80/50 pulse rate 100 /mt with jugular vein distention ? a a. cardiac tamponade b. pneumothorax 178. which of the follwoing doesn't change pH of stomach ? a a. sucralfate b. H2 blocker c. omeprazole d. 179. Toxicity associated with haemodialysis ? a a. Aluminium b. magnesium 180. what is rider walker coefficent ? a a. Efficacy in comparision to phenol 181. which of the following doesn't cause diarrhoea ? b a. diabetes b. hypercalcemia c. d. 182. which is not true about otosclerosis ? b a. conductive deafness b. non progressive deafness c. autosomal dominant d. flouride is therapeutic 183. which of the following is not associated with fulminant hepatic failure ? a. herpes simplex b. paramyxovirus c. infectious mononucleosis 184. oral hairy leukoplakia caused by ? a a. Ebstein barr virus 185. Contact period of chlorination ? a a. 1 hour b. 30 minutes c. 1 1/2 hour d. 2 hours 186. Which of the following is not associated with vibrio cholera ? a a. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome 187 which of the following is not absorbable suture ? d a. catgut b. polyamide c. polygalactyl d. polyester 188. Prognosis of breast carcinoma is best determined by ? b a. oestrogen/progesterone receptors b. Axillary lymph node status 189. Sudden painless vision loss in a patient with myopia ? a a. Retinal detachment b. Central retinal artery occlusion 190. Most common site of Tuberculosis of genital tract ? c a. endometrium b. ovary c. fallopian tube 191. Which of the following conditions disappear spontaneously in first year of life ? d a. port wine stain b. capillary haemangioma c. cavernous haemangioma d. strawberry haemangioma 192. which of the following is true about prostate cancer screeing ? a a. Digital screening along with PSA is additive 193. Which of the following is associated with Normal anion gap metabolic acidosis ? a a. cholera b. Diabetic keto acidosis c. starvation d. vomitting 194. Gynaecomastia not seen in ?a a. Myxedema b. Thyrotoxicosis c. d 195. Discordant twin complication in multiple pregancy is due to ? a a. Twin Twin transfusion syndrome 196.Distressing Complication after modified radical mastectomy ? a a. lymphedema b. axillary vein thrombosis c. seroma d. 197. Hyperosmolar agents in glaucoma acts by ? a ( I think it is a repeat ) if vitreous volume reduction given as option then that will be correct. a. Increasing aqueous outflow 198. Most common cause of death due to burns in early period is ? b a. sepsis b. Hypovolemic shock c d 199. Initial management of dacrocystitis is ? c a. syringing b. topical antibiotics c. massaging d. 200 Which of the following is not a anthropozoonosis ? c a. Rabies b. plague c. dracunculosis d.

10 - 101 to 150 questions ap pg 2008 paper - andhrapradesh post graduation entrance paper 2008

101. most common causes of perinatal mortality ? c

a. birth injury
b. intra uterine infection
c. birth asphyxia

102. not seen in small for date babies ? a

a. hypoglycemia
b. polycythemia
c. intracranial bleed

103. diffence of LCIS from invasive carcinoma ? d

a. age > 40 years
b. incidental detected
c. bilateral
d. histology similar to invasive

104. which is not having underlying malignancy ? a

a. paget disease of bone
b. paget disease of nipple
c. paget disease of vulva
d. paget disease of anal region

105. which is not true about PBC ? a

a. no increase in risk of hepatocellular carcinoma

106. string sign of kantor seen in ? a

a. chrons
b. ulcerative colitis

107. claw sign seen in ? a

a. intusseption
b. volvulus

108 treament of hydatid cyst ? b

a. excision of cyst
b. percutanoeous drainage
c. conservative managment

109. Most common site of intra peritoneal abscess ? c
a. morrison
b. omental bursa
c. pelvic
d. left subhepatic

110. Complete Rx of intussception indicates ? b

a. free passage of barium in the small intestine
b. passage of faceus and flatus along with barium
c. improvement of clinical condition

111. which is false about hydrocele ? c ( surgical Das mentions as a rule testis cannot be felt sepearately as the fluid of hydrocele sorrounds the body of the testis on page 314 in short cases of DAS surgery )

a. almost always fluid is transudate
b. get above the swelling
c. testis is palpated separate from swelling
d. obscures inguinal hernia

112. Functional brace not used in ? a

a. fracture neck of femur
b. fracture shaft of femur
c. fracture shaft of tibia
d. fracture shaft of humerus

113, which of the following is incorrect about scaphoid? c

a. most common carpal bone injured
b. non union is complication
c. avascular necrosis of distal part is there
d. x rays to be taken successively after 2 weeks

114. what is true about dequervan tenovaginitis ? a

a. involvement of extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus

115. what is incorrect about supra condylar fracture of humerus ? c

a. extension type is common
b. radial nerve is injured
c. cubitus valgus is most common complication

116. Mechanism of action of mini pill ? a

a. rendering cervical mucus thick
b. inhibiting ovulation

117. Incorrect about internal os of cervix ? b

a. hegar dilators used
b. most common cause of first trimester abortion

118. latent period in primigravida is ? b

a. 2 hours
b. 6 to 8 hours
c. 10 to 12 hours
d. 14 to 16 hours

119. most reversible method of sterilisation ? c

a. mini lap
b. pomeroys
c. laparoscopic sterilisation
d. hysteroscopic sterilisation

120 Maltese cross in RBC seen in ? a

a. babesia
b. Entamoeba

121. which is incorrect about cystic hygroma ? b

a. brilliantly translucent
b. radiotherapy
c. sclerotherapy with bleomycin
d. sclerotherapy with actinomycin

122. which of the following is not the cause of macrocytic anaemia ? b

a. orotic aciduria
b. abetalipoproteinemia
c. Lesh nyhan
d. transcobalamine deficiency

123 . Not the cause of neonatal seizures ? b

a. pyridoxine deficiency
b. hypokalemia

124. Anti Avidin is ? a

a. biotin
b. thiamine

125. which is incorrect about Burkitts lymphoma ? b

a. High mitotic activity
b. HIgh Apoptotic cell death
c. small nuclei proliferation

126. Serious complication of bacterimic shock ? a

a. causes shock lung
b. decrease peripheral resistance
c. increase cardiac output
d. decrease cardiac output

127. Calcium channel blocker showing affinity to cerebral vessels ? a

a. nimodipine

128. chromosome associated with familial polyposis colon ? a

a. chromosome 5
b. chromosome 6
c. chromosome 11
d. chromosome 13

129. which of the following is the cause of break of glomerular basement membrane sometimes and sub epithelial deposits in electron microscopy? c ( rapidly progressive is the answer )

a. membranous
b. focal glomerular sclerosis
c. rapidly progressive
d. minimal change

130. which of the following is not the branch of maxillary branch of internal carotid artery ? d
a. inferior alveolar
b. middle meningeal
c. anterior tympanic
d. posterior tympanic

131. which of the following is untrue about calcium homeostastis in chronic renal failure ? b

a. secondary hyperparathryoidism
b. primary hyperparathyroidism
c. multiple myeloma

132. what is column of bertini in kidney ? b

a. renal tumour
b. anatomical description given ( tongue shape extension )

133. Skeletal muscle most sensitive to tubocurarine ? b

a. diaphragm
b. Extra ocular
c. muscles of jaw

134. which is not true about VVF ? amenorrhea seen in vvf b

a. amenorrhea
b. Hydronephrosis

135. which of the following leads to cyclical haematuria ? a

a. vesico uterine fistula

136. which is correct about this ? c

a. Sperm production is cyclical
b. Continous Gnrh secretion is essential
c. sertoli cells are important for mitotic and meiotic activity
d. secretion of testosterone from leydig cells depends upon FSH

137. What is the stage of ovarian cancer with b/l with capsule intact, no ascites ? b

a. IA
b. IB
c. IC
d. II

138. what is epicolic node ? b

a. node draining colon
b. adjacent to aorta

139. A boy draws triangle but not diamond shape age is ? c

a. 3 years
b. 4 years
c. 5 years
d. 6 years

140. which of the following is not included in Human developmental index ? a

a. Infant mortality rate
b. percapita income
c. life expectancy at birth
d. Education

141. Most common presentation of Meckels diverticulum ? a

a. Lower GI bleeding

142. Bulging fissure in lung is due to infection ? b ( Klebsiella)

a. Mycoplasma
b. Klebsiella

143. which deficiency is seen in alcoholic with dementia ? a

a. Thiamine

144. Which microorganism is responsible for classical presentation of hydrocephalus, chorio retinitis , intracerebral calcification ? a

a. Toxoplasmosis

b. Rubella

145. Which defect is not detected by amniocentesis ? b
a. cystic fibrosis
b. phenyl ketonuria
c. downs syndrome

146. what is the drug of choice of antiepilepsy in porphyria ? d ( as comment received )

a. phenytoin
b. phenobarbitone
c. valproate
d. Clonazepam

147. which type of porphyria is transmitted as Autosomal recessive ? c

a. AIP
b. PCT
c. congenital erythropoietic
d. variegate

148. what is aseptic autolysis called ? a

a. maceration
b. adipocere
c. mummification

149. what is the mechanism of abruption of svt by carotid massage ? b

a. decrease sympathetic discharge
b. increase parasympathetic discharge to SA node
c. increase parasympathetic discharge to conducting system from SA to AV node
d. ventricular depolarisation

150. which of the following cast has no significance ? a

a. Hyaline cast

9 - 51 to 100 questions - ap pg paper 2008 - andhra pradesh medical post graduation paper 2008

51. what is the most common organism causing epidural abscess ? a

a. staph aureus
b. strep
c. bacteriods
d. H .influenza

52. what is the deformity seen in fixed adduction of hip ? a or c

a. apparent shortening
b. apparent lenthening
c. true shortening
d. true lenghthening

53. 10 year old boy presents with pain in the hip with flexion adduction problem , cause ? a

a. perthes
b. transcervical fracture of neck
c. TB hip
d. Transient hip

54. Which is not secreted by stomach ? a

a. lipase
b. pepsinogen
c. HCl
d. acid

55. which part of brain most often contused in RTA ? b

a. frontal
b. parietal
c. occipital
d. temporal

56. which of the following is not a barrier method ? a
a. centchroman
b. today
c. barrier

57. which of the following associated with endometrial cancer ? a

a. enteropathica haemorrhagica
b. dysgermniona
c. fibroid

58. which is not true about CTEV ? d

a. Equinus of talus
b. varus of heel
c. shortened tendo acchiles
d. Triple arthrodesis is optimal treatment

59. Most common cause of fracture of neck of talus ? c ( due to forced dorsiflexion )

a. fall from height
b. plantar flexion
c. dorsi flexion
d. inversion

60. which is false about turners syndrome ? a

a. Mental retardation
b. digital deformities
c. web neck
d. short stature

61. false about klinefelters ? a

a. most common syndrome of sex gene involvement
b. most common cause of hypogonadic failure is males
c. mental retardation common
d. serum FSH levels are consistently high

62. Most common cause of perisent diarrhae in children ? a

a. rota virus
b. E coli

63. In which of the following conditions oxygen delivery is least to muscles ? c
a. Person inhaling 100 percent oxygent at the top of mount everest
b. Marathon runner at sea level
c. person with carbon monoxide poisoning
d. none of the above ( this option none of the above was also there )

64. Hb o2 dissociation curve to left by ? a

a. increase pH

65. Blood flow to brain is not influenced by ? b

a. paco2
b. po2
c. cerebral circulation
d. systemic circulation

66. which of the following is least in proteing quality ? ?

a. gelatin
b. lactalbumin
d. cashewnut protein

67. which of the following is K channelopathy ? a

a. episodic ataxia 1
b. familial hemiplegic migraine
c. myotonia
d. paramyotonia

68.which of the following is not true about berry aneurysms ? b

a. rupture leading to SAH
b. most common in post circulation

69. Un true about aneurysm in brain ? b >>> a

a. SAH
b. Intraventricular haemorrhage
c. papilledema
d. vasospasm

70. which is most commonly deficient in TPN ? a

a. zinc
b. chromium

71. what type of rbc seen in chronic renal failure ? c

a. microcytic
b. macrocytic
c. normocytic

72. most common cause of thyrotoxicosis in childhood? c

a. toxic nodular goiture
b. toxic adenoma
c. graves
d. thryotoxicosis factitia

73. Least plasma halflife ? ? norepinephrine c

a. dehydroepiandrostendione
b. aldosterone
c. nor epinephrine

74. Assocatied with conns syndrome ? a
a. low plasma renin

75 not associated with barterrs syndrome ? c

a. hypokalemia
b. recurrent weakness
c. hypertension

76. most common presentation in endemic goitre ? c

a. hypothryoidism
b. adenoma
c. diffuse goitre

77. which of the following is not malignant ? a

a. adenolymphoma
b. adenoid cystic carcinoma
c. acinic cell

78. which of the following is associated with destruction of valves ? a
a. acute infective endocarditis
b. libman sach
c. rheumatic

79. which of the following is not the cause of Myocardial infarction ? don't know

a. coxsackie B
b. lead poisoining

80 which of the following is dimorphic fungi ? a

a. sporothtrix schenki
b. cryptococcus

81. what is the size of particle is rapid sand filter ? c ( answer is 0.4 to 0.7 mm )

a. o.1 mm
b. 0.2
c. 0.5
d. 0.8

82. what is diagnosed by xenodiagnosis ? a

a. chagas
b. malaria
c. kala azar

83. whip test is used for ? c

a. candida
b. gardenella
c. trichomonas

84. no need to treat partner in ? d

a. trichomonas
b. gardenella
c. herpex genitalis
d. candida

85. most common cause of primary adrenal insufficiency in india ? b
a. autoimmune
b. TB

86. which is false about crytpogenic TB ? a
a. age < 40 years
b. weight loss
b. definited diagnosis by liver and bonemarrow biopsy
d. anorexia

87. which is not associated with ANCA ? c

a. PAN
b. wegeners
c. HSP
d. Microscopic polyangitis

88. most common employed sterisation technique ? a

a. pomeroys

89. Pill given in lactation ? a

a. minipill
b. combined pill

90. chorangioma of placenta associated with ? b

a. oligo hydramnios
b. polyhydramnios

91. drug of choice in eclampsia ? a

a. magnesium sulphate

92. ligament used to maintain anteversion ? b

a. triangular ligament
b. uterosacral
c. broad

93. which is not germ cell tumour ? b

a. dysgerminoma
b. brenner

94. most common type of choledochal cyst ? a

a. type 1
b. type 2
c. type 3
d. type 6

95. acquiring culture in society called ? b

a. socialisation
b. accultaration

96. Not used in epidemic ? a

a. Increasing demands for resources

97. what is not true about cross sectional study ? b

a. also called prevalance study
b. tells etiology
c. shows pattern of disease
d. tells prevalance

[snip]. what is not true about point source epidemic ? a

a. plateau phase

99. strain used for measles ? a

a. edmonston
b. ra 27/3
c. 17 d

100. which is not true about cephalohaematoma ? a

a. not limited by sutures
b. swelling subsides in 3 months
c. caused by periosteal injury of skull

8 - 1 to 50 questions - ap pg 2008 - andhra pradesh medicine postgraduation entrance paper -

1. what is the action of anterior fibres of deltoid ? c

a. medial rotation
b. lateral rotation
c. flexion and medial rotation
d. extension and lateral rotation

2. which is not lined by stratified nonkeratinised squamaous epithelium ? d

a. hypopharynx and laryngopharynx
b. oesophagus
c. cornea
d. Tympanic membrane

3. which of the following is not supplied by posterior division of obturator nerve ? b

a. obturator externus
b. obturator internus
c. Adductor magnus

4. which of the following is true about azygous vein course ? c

a. superior venecava
b. posteriorly to inferior venecava
c. anterior lumbar vein

5. Which of the following is not present at birth ? a

a. mastoid tip
b. mastoid antrum
c. ethmoidal labrynth
d. endolymphatic sinus

6. Which is the critical temperature of nitrous oxide ? d

a. -118 degree
b. - 88
c. 26
d. 36.5

7. Which of the following is not an amino steroid derivative ?a

a. alcurioum
b. vecuronium
c. pancuronium
d. pipecuronium

8. what is the time gap given in train of four ? none ans : 2 seconds

a. 10 sec
b. 20 sec
c. 40 sec
d. 60 sec

9. which of the following presents as follicular pink scaly rash of chronic type with palmoplantar involvement ? d

a. pitryiasia rosea
b. pitryiasis alba
c. pitryrias capitis
d. pitryisas rubra pilaris

10. Which of the following presents as chronic winter rash in woman ? a

a. asteatotic eczema
b. statis eczema
c. atopic
d. nummular

11. Which of the following presents as keratin plug without opening ? d

a. comedom
b. nodule
c. cyst
d. milia

12. which of the following is not a type of lesion in leprosy? b

a. hypopigmented patch
b. vesicle
c. erytrhrodermic
d. raised plaque

13. which of the following is not the cause of charcots joint ? d

a. leprosy
b. syringomyelia
c. diabetes mellitus
d. psoriasis

14. Which of the following is called catamite ? b

a. Passive victim of sodomy anybody
b. passive victim of sodomy young boy

15. what is transvestism ? a ( please read Narayana reddy the definition )

a. Wearing clothes of opposite sex to be identified as of opposite sex
b. wearing clothes of opposite sex for sexual gratification

16. Contributory negligence is a defense in ? c

a. civil negligence
b. criminal negligence
c. ethical negligence

17. Which of the following is true about pneumothorax except? c

a. radiolucency of underlying lung with no bronhial markings
b. shift of lung to hilum
c. full radio opacity of underlying lung
d. Moderate ventilation of underlying lung

18. Which of the following is not true about MRI ? c

a. MRI is useful in locating small lesions
b. CT is better than MRI in bone lesions
c. MRI is better for calcified lesions

19. 1 Curie equals to ? d ( 1 giga is 1 billion )

a. 3.7 M becqueral
b. 37 M
c. 3.7 G b
d. 37 Gb

20. Biological half life of radioactive substance in organ depends upon ? c

a. initial radioactivity
b. substance half life
c. effective half life
d. metabolism of organ

21. which of the following is beneficial in Electroconvulsive therapy ? c

a. Bilateral induction of symmetrical generalised seizures
b. Induction of memory disturbances
c. use of anaesthetic agents
d. pulse oxymeter use

22. when extracellular potassium is increased from 4 meq to 10 meq what will happen ? a

a. resting membrane potential becomes more negative
b. increase in conductance of sodium
c. increase in conductions of potassium
d. Na K ATpase will be stopped

23. 10 percent dextrose is ? b ( 5 % is hypo . 25 % is hyper)

a. hypotonic
b. isotonic
c. normotonic
d. hypertonic

24. What is electromyogram ? b

a. stimulation of muscle through nerve
b. stimulation of muscle without nerve
c. direct recording of electrical activity from muscle
d. recording motor nerve conduction

25. guardian of genome ? a

a. p53
b. bcl2

26. Gene is ? a

a. codon
b. anticodon
c. cistron
d. okazaki fragment

27. which of the following is not the presentation of obstructive sleep apnea ? c

a. day time somnlence
b. nocturia
c. impotence
d. resp insufficiency

28. Primozide belongs to ? d

a. thioxanthines
b. phenothiazines
c. buprenorhine group
d. diphenyl.... group

29. which of the following drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation ? Metronidazole is contraindicated only in 1st trimester ( I agree )

a. mebendazole
b. albendazole
c. metronidazole

30 which drug caused gynaecomazia ? a

a. ketoconazole
b. fluconazole

31. which of the following untrue about wilson disease? a

a. increased ceruloplasmin

32. which of the following condition s4 is absent ? b

a. pulmonic stenosis
b. mitral stenois
c. systemic hypertension
d. pulm hypertension

33. In which of the following conditions pulsus paradoxus absent in cardiac tamponade ? d

a. obesity
b. pregancy
c. MS
d. AR

34. Sternocleidomastoid atrophy seen in ? a

a. spinal muscular atrophy
b. olivopontocerebellar atrophy
c. muscular dystrophy
d. duchennes

35. Krukenberg spindle present in ? a
a. corneal endolethium
b. retina
c. lens

36. photopsia seen in ? a

a. choroiditis

37. Laser trabeluoplasty done in ? a

a. open angle gluacoma
b. closed angle
c. angle closure

38. power of Intra ocular lens is determined by ? a ( Keratometry)

a. keratometry
b. retinoscopy
c. ophthalmoscopy
d. gonioscopy

39. Brown reflex deposition seen in mercury poisoning ? c

a. anterior cornea
b. posteror cornea
c. anterior lens
d. posterior lens

40. Precocious puberty caused by all except ?a

a. testicular feminisation
b. albrights
c. testicular tumours
d. brain tumours

41. rosette cataract seen in ? a

a. ocular trauma
b. diabetes
c. wilsons

42. which of the following disease has consistent symptoms of tinittus ? a

a. menieres disease

43. which of the following is not related to lateral sinus thrombosis ? c

a. greisinger sign
b. tobey ayer test
c. gradenigo syndrome

44. recently found association of bells palsy ? a

a. HSV
b. herpes zoster
c. EBC
d. varicella

45.sodium chromoglygate used in ? b

a. phlyctenular
b. vernal

46. most common site of choleasatoma ? a

a. prussaks space
b. hypotympanum

47. quinsy related to ? b

a. paratonsillar fossa
b. peritonsillar
c. crypta magna

48. external carotid artery is ligated at ? a

a. above the origin of sup thyroid artery
b. below the origin of sup thyroid artery
c. at the bificuration of common carotid artery
d. at the origin of ascending palatine artery

49. A boy presents with unilater purulent foetid discharge from nose? a

a. foreign body
b. polyp

50. which is false about natal teeth ? d or a

a. always present at birth
b. 2 incisors of mandibular teeth
c. severe root resorbtion problems associated
d. not removed

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

7 - AP PG medical entrance paper 2008 ( andhra pradesh medicine post-graduation entrance 2008 paper ) - part 5

5 - most common cause of addison's disease in india ?

a- autoimmune
b- tuberculosis

answer is b . TUBERCULOSIS . guys anybody knows the correct answer

6 - AP PG medical entrance paper 2008 ( andhra pradesh medicine post-graduation entrance 2008 paper ) - part 4

4 - all of the following diseases can be diagnosed by amniocentesis except ?

a- cystic fibrosis
b- phenyl ketonuria
c- tay sachs disease
d- down's syndrome

Answer is b. Phenyl ketonuria. 

5 - AP PG medical entrance paper 2008 ( andhra pradesh medicine post-graduation entrance 2008 paper ) - part 3

3 - a child is able to draw a triangle and a square , but he is not able to draw a diamond ? what could be his age ?

a- 3 years
b- 4 years
c- 5 years
d- 6 years

answer is c . 5 years .

4 - AP PG medical entrance paper 2008 ( andhra pradesh medicine post-graduation entrance 2008 paper ) - part 2

2 - 1 curie is equal to how many bq s ( bequerels )?

answer is - 37 GBq.

In the International System of units (SI), the becquerel (Bq) is the unit of radioactivity. One Bq is 1 disintegration per second (dps). One curie is 37 billion Bq. Since the Bq represents such a small amount, you are likely to see a prefix used with Bq, as shown below:

1 MBq (27 microcuries)

1 GBq (27 millicuries)

37 GBq (1 curie)

1 TBq (27 curies)

3 - AP PG medical entrance paper 2008 ( andhra pradesh medicine post-graduation entrance 2008 paper ) - part 1

1 - which of the following is not a germ cell tumor ?

a- yolk sac tumor
b- teratoma
c- dysgerminoma
d- brenner's tumor

answer is d . i think that is the answer but if u think otherwise please post in the comments .

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