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13 - nims paper 2007( nizams institute of medical sciences entrance paper 2007 mcqs )

1.which is incorrect about meigs syndrome? C
d.resolution of hydrothorax after the removal of ovarian fibroma

2. which of the following is drug of choice for Hypertension who is non diabetic and has good renal function...? A
a. beta blockers
b. calcium channel blockers
c. ACE inhibitors

3. which is incorrect about sensorineural deafness? D
a. Webers test lateralised to better ear
b. Rinne's test positive
c. Inability to listen properly in loud voices
d. There is bone-air gap

4. Which of the following arises from the nasal septum and friable and bleeds on touch? D
a. polyp
b. Rhinophyma
c. Rhinoscleroma
d. Rhinosporidiosis

5. Which of the following is associated with severe edema in children?B
a. glottic
b. sub glottic
c. supraglottic
d. epiglottic

6. which of the following is not done for a 10 month old child of inhaled foreign body? A
a. Helminch manouvere
b. Rescue breathing
c. Back blow and chest compression
d. Tongue lift and jaw thrust

7. which of the following is not a granulomatous condition? B
a. opthalma nodosum
b. follicular conjunctivitis

8. The flourescein angiogram of the eye was shown in the diagram and asked what is the Pathology ? B/C
a. macular edema
c. small leaks from the vessels
d. ....

9. which of the following doesn't include biophysical profile? C
a. fetal movements
b. amniotic fluid
c. fetal weight
d. ....

10. which of the following is correct about progesterone? B
a. uterine relaxation
b. inhibits LH

11. which is correct about vaso praevia? A:false R:true
Assertion : mother develops hypotension and shock
reason : loss of blood belongs to fetus

12. A pregnant woman develops sensory disturbance along the palmar aspect of hand , what is the important diagnostic test? A
a. nerve study and electromyogram
b. fasting blood sugar and Post Lunch blood sugar levels
c. X ray of the hand.
d. .........

13. A pregant woman in third trimester develops swelling of feet and breathlessness and initially she got treated with oxygen,.. what is the next step? C
a. doppler and give heparin if positive
b. CT scan
c. V/Q scan ... give heparin if positive
d. heparin to be given now and wait for the radiology

14. A diagram was given and asked to identify the diameter of measurement of the pelvis....? A
a. diagonal conjugate
b. posterior sagittal diameter
c. interspinous diameter
d. ...

15. which of the following is incorrect about the following statement?D
d. Folate administration in early pregnancy doesn't prevent neural tube defects

16. osteochondritis dessicans occurs in ? A
a. knee
b. elbow
c. head of femur
d. ankle

17. viscera are preserved in ? B
a. normal saline
b. saturated solution of salt
c. formalin
d. .....

18. contributory negligence is contributed by? A
a. patient
b. doctor
c. paramedic staff
d. hospital

19. which of the following is correct, 1. relationship of body parts of fetus with each other 2. relation ship of which part of the fetus occupies the lower part of the uterus 3. relation ship of the part of the fetus with maternal pelvis A

a. attitude, presentation , postion
b. position, presentation, attitude
c. presentation, attitude, position
d, attitue, position, presentation

20. A diagram of cystocoele, enterocoele and rectocoele was given, ... so try to be perfect with definitions ...

21. which of the following artery can be palpated on zygomatic arch? A
a. superficial temporal
b. inferior orbital
c. ....
d. ....

22. which of the following deficiencies are not associated with neurological manifestations? D
a. Thiamine
b. Niacin
c. Vitamin B 12
d. Folic acid

23. which of the following follows starlings law? A
a. preload and stroke volume
b. afterload and stroke volume
c. after load and end diastolic volume
d. ....

24. In which portion of the nephron potassium secretion commences? A
a. Thick ascending loop of Henle
b. distal convuluted tubule
c. Collecting duct
d. .....

25. Descending corticospinal tracts descends in ? A
a. posterior limb of internal capsule
b. white matter of dorsal part of spinal cord
c. ....
d. ....

26. which bacteria acts upon and glycine and GABA in cns? A
a. Clostridium tetani
b. Clostridium botulinum
c. clostridium welchi
d. cornybacterium diphtheria

27 which bacteria ascends the neurons to cause cns infection? A
a. clostridium tetani
b. ....
c. ...
d. ...

28. which of the following drugs should be used carefully along with ziduvidine for the fear of bone marrow depression? A
a. gancyclovir
b. rimantidine
c. zanamavir
d. ....

29. what is the mechanism of action of rimantadine in influenza? A
a. uncoating of viral cell
b. inhibits proteins synthesis
c. inhibits DNA
d ....

30 which is incorrect about dermatomyositis ? A/B/C are seen in dermatomyositis
a. mechanics hands
b. gottrons patches
c. periungual telangectesia
d. ....

31. what is the difference between apoptosis and necrosis? A

a. plamsa membrance intact
b. loss of blood supply
c. mitochondrial permeability
d. ....

32. A diagram given about pedal pressures in 3 conditions plus normal in standing....walking and then standing....
1. normal standing 130 mmof Hg ...walking falls to maximum ... and then rises
2. walking pedal pressures increases than 130 mmof hg in one condition
3. walking pedal pressure falls minimal in one condition
4. walking pedal pressure falls moderately but less than normal in once condition..

a. 1. normal 2. obstruction 3. post thrombosis 4. varicose veins A
b. 1. normal 2. post thrombosis 3. obstruction 4. varicose veins
c. 1. normal 2. varicose veins 3. post thrombosis 4. obstruction
d. 1. normal 2. post thrombosis 3. varicose veins 4. obstruction

33. A diagram of Glomerulus is given and asked about 3 conditions
1. post streptococcal glomerulonephritis 2. IgA nephropathy 3. membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis

34. A diagram of cell given with various sites of action of drugs on HIV.... protease inhibitors, fusion inhibitors, reverse transcriptase inhibitors were options in the question?

35. A diabetic patient with high aniongap(values given) has pH 7.3 pco2 24 , Hco3 14 ... is suffering from.... C
a. metabolic acidosis
b. uncompestated metabolic acidosis
c. compensated meatabolic acidosis
d. .....

36 . A diagram given with pco2 on x axis and hydrogen ion concentration of y axis ........and questioned about various acid-base disorders?

37.whic of the following doesn't include systemic inflammatory response syndrome? D

a. WBC <>
b. Resp rate > 30 / min
c. Heart rate > 90/min
d. presence of metamyelocytes

38. which of the following is not done for rhabdomyolysis? A
a. urine acidification
b. osmotic diuresis
c. calcium infusion
d. haemodialysis

39. Which of the following doesn't cause pseudo bulbar palsy?

a. cerebral vasculitis
b. motor neuron disease
c. ....
d. ....

40. which of the following is definitely associated with broncho pleural fistula? A
a. pneumothorax
b. empyema
c. abscess
d. pleural effusion

41. which of the following doesn't have intestinal Pathology ? B
a. abetalipoproteinemia
b. agammaglobinemia
c. ...
d. ....

42. which of the following is not seen in Acute intermittent porphyria?B
a. abdominal pain
b. photosenstivity
c. ....
d. ....

43. Bilious vomitting without food particles seen after gastrectomy surgery is due to ? A
a. duodenal stump disruption
b. afferent loop syndrome
c. gastric outlet obstruction
d. dumping syndrome

44. plane of the whipples resection diagram is given .... A
a. plane involving gallbladder, some part of stomach ,, duodenum ( oblique )
b. plane running vertically to stomach
c. plane transversly through jejunum

45.nerve injured in the fracture of the shaft of the humerus? B
a. ulnar nerve
b. radial nerve
c. median nerve
d. anterior interosseus nerve

46. A diagram of legs of a child given and asked about the condition of the patients who suffers from painful lesion on legs... A
a. erythema nodosum
b. erythema multiforme
c. erythema chronicam migrans
d. erythema marginatum

47. which of the following in not done for a 70 year old patient with sepsis and anuria with high respiratory rate? B
a. I.V fluids of 2-3 litres bolus
b. monoclonal antibody to TNF
c. Mechanical ventilation
d. Antibiotics

48. which of the following stage of taenia solium is infective stage to pig? B
a. eggs
b. cyst
c. inverted scolex
d. everted scolex proglattids

49.which of the following organisms infect reticuloendothelial cells? A
a. Histoplama
b. coccidiomycosis
c. candida
d. cryptococcus

50 A diagram of india ink preparation of a HIV patient? A
a. cryptococcus
b. candida
c. ...
d. ...
1. which of the following is used for diabetic retinopathy?
a. Diode
b. Argon
c. Nd YAG laser

2. A patient smoker , diagram given with increased folds of the stomach.... x ray picture? B
a. menieters disease
b. carcinoma of stomach

3. Lung histology picture of a smoker who presents with coupious sputum is given ?A
a. Bronchoalveolar carcinoma
b. interstitial lung disease

4.A diagram given with the following A:wrong R:true
2 conditions are given where the 10 year mortality is same,in one condition screening test is used.

Assertion: Application of screening test improves the mortality
reason : lead time bias gives an erroneus reading of the mortality

5. A picture of a baby given in prone posture to remove the inhaled foreign body, baby is kept on the lap with body facing down the right side?

a. apical
b. lower posterio-lateral
c. superior
d. lateral

6. which of the following is haematotoxic? C
a. krait
b. cobra
c. viper
d. sea snake

7. which portion of the facial nerve if injured leads to loss of anterior 2/3rd tongue taste sensation and lacrimation affected with no hyperacusis and both upper and lower face involved? C

a. in the middle ear
b. intra cranial part
c. proxima to exit through stylomastoid foramen
d. ....

8. what is the purpose of the shunt used in the treatment of tetralogy of fallot between subclavian artery and pulmonary artery? A:True

Assertion: cyanosis is reduced by shunting more blood to lungs
reason : .........

9. which of the following is pathognomic of hypertrophied obstructive cardiomyopathy ? A is most important, B is also true but can seen in other conditions also

a. outflow gradient
b. systolic anterior motion of mitral leaflet with mitral regurgigations
c. decreased ejection fraction
d. ......

10. A diagram given with the areas of pain radiation with central chest and back ...the condition is A

a. aortic dissection
b. Acute MI
c. Gastroesphageal reflux disease
d. .......

11. A patient has lot of fear to attend party for the symptoms of severe abdominal pain...the condition is ? A

a. chronic pancreatitis

12. A diagram of spirometer given and asked which values are calculated?

a. forced expiratory flow rate
b. vital capacity

13. A diagram of the eye given with pointer on the canal of schlemm, what is the associated Pathology ? A

a. glaucoma
b. uveitis
c. conjuntivitis

14. A diagram of bone marrow given with larges cell among others....which of the following is produced by that cell? B

a. neutrophil
b. platelet
c. eosinophil
d. basophil

15. A diagram of monocyte/myelomonocye given with auer rod....what is the Pathology ? A

a. AML (M3)
b. CLL
c. CML
d. ALL

16. which of the following is predisposed by down's syndrome? A
a. AML
b. neurofibromas
c. lymphomas

17.which of the following conditions associated with painful cutaneous nodules? A

a. sporothrix schenkii
b. Histoplasma
c. coccidiomycosis
d. candida

18. which of the following is true about recurrent laryngeal nerve relation to thyroid gland? C , that's why inferior thyroid artery should be ligated away from the thyroid lobe.
a. closer to superior thyroid lobe
b. away from superior thyroid lobe
c. closer to inferior thyroid lobe
d. away from inferior thryoid lobe

19. A diagram of x ray tube given and asked to identify the high voltage anode?

20. M spike of serum electrophoresis given, what is the Pathology ? A
a. monoclonal gammopathy
b. polyclonal gammopathy
c. nephrotic syndrome

21. which of the following is not done in multiple myeloma? C
a. bone marrow biopsy
b. serum electrophoresis
c. urine electrophoresis
d. bone scan

22. A boy has got 2 parents and 2 grand parents and 3 siblings develops infection ,,, both parents and grand parents are immunised.... and 3 siblings are not immunised and 2 of them got infection , what is the secondary attack rate? B 2 /3 x 100

a. 75 percent
b. 66.67 percent
c. 50 percent
d. 25 percent

23.which of the following is representative of tubular function? B
a. GFR
b. PAH secretion
d. ....

24. which of the following is associated with heart failure ,flushing , hypertension..... A

a. carcinoid syndrome
b. phaeochromocytoma

25. which of the following is true about phaeochromocytoma A/R : True

Assertion: alpha blockers are used before beta blocker
Reason : only beta blockers leads to increased hypertension

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