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9 - 51 to 100 questions - ap pg paper 2008 - andhra pradesh medical post graduation paper 2008

51. what is the most common organism causing epidural abscess ? a

a. staph aureus
b. strep
c. bacteriods
d. H .influenza

52. what is the deformity seen in fixed adduction of hip ? a or c

a. apparent shortening
b. apparent lenthening
c. true shortening
d. true lenghthening

53. 10 year old boy presents with pain in the hip with flexion adduction problem , cause ? a

a. perthes
b. transcervical fracture of neck
c. TB hip
d. Transient hip

54. Which is not secreted by stomach ? a

a. lipase
b. pepsinogen
c. HCl
d. acid

55. which part of brain most often contused in RTA ? b

a. frontal
b. parietal
c. occipital
d. temporal

56. which of the following is not a barrier method ? a
a. centchroman
b. today
c. barrier

57. which of the following associated with endometrial cancer ? a

a. enteropathica haemorrhagica
b. dysgermniona
c. fibroid

58. which is not true about CTEV ? d

a. Equinus of talus
b. varus of heel
c. shortened tendo acchiles
d. Triple arthrodesis is optimal treatment

59. Most common cause of fracture of neck of talus ? c ( due to forced dorsiflexion )

a. fall from height
b. plantar flexion
c. dorsi flexion
d. inversion

60. which is false about turners syndrome ? a

a. Mental retardation
b. digital deformities
c. web neck
d. short stature

61. false about klinefelters ? a

a. most common syndrome of sex gene involvement
b. most common cause of hypogonadic failure is males
c. mental retardation common
d. serum FSH levels are consistently high

62. Most common cause of perisent diarrhae in children ? a

a. rota virus
b. E coli

63. In which of the following conditions oxygen delivery is least to muscles ? c
a. Person inhaling 100 percent oxygent at the top of mount everest
b. Marathon runner at sea level
c. person with carbon monoxide poisoning
d. none of the above ( this option none of the above was also there )

64. Hb o2 dissociation curve to left by ? a

a. increase pH

65. Blood flow to brain is not influenced by ? b

a. paco2
b. po2
c. cerebral circulation
d. systemic circulation

66. which of the following is least in proteing quality ? ?

a. gelatin
b. lactalbumin
d. cashewnut protein

67. which of the following is K channelopathy ? a

a. episodic ataxia 1
b. familial hemiplegic migraine
c. myotonia
d. paramyotonia

68.which of the following is not true about berry aneurysms ? b

a. rupture leading to SAH
b. most common in post circulation

69. Un true about aneurysm in brain ? b >>> a

a. SAH
b. Intraventricular haemorrhage
c. papilledema
d. vasospasm

70. which is most commonly deficient in TPN ? a

a. zinc
b. chromium

71. what type of rbc seen in chronic renal failure ? c

a. microcytic
b. macrocytic
c. normocytic

72. most common cause of thyrotoxicosis in childhood? c

a. toxic nodular goiture
b. toxic adenoma
c. graves
d. thryotoxicosis factitia

73. Least plasma halflife ? ? norepinephrine c

a. dehydroepiandrostendione
b. aldosterone
c. nor epinephrine

74. Assocatied with conns syndrome ? a
a. low plasma renin

75 not associated with barterrs syndrome ? c

a. hypokalemia
b. recurrent weakness
c. hypertension

76. most common presentation in endemic goitre ? c

a. hypothryoidism
b. adenoma
c. diffuse goitre

77. which of the following is not malignant ? a

a. adenolymphoma
b. adenoid cystic carcinoma
c. acinic cell

78. which of the following is associated with destruction of valves ? a
a. acute infective endocarditis
b. libman sach
c. rheumatic

79. which of the following is not the cause of Myocardial infarction ? don't know

a. coxsackie B
b. lead poisoining

80 which of the following is dimorphic fungi ? a

a. sporothtrix schenki
b. cryptococcus

81. what is the size of particle is rapid sand filter ? c ( answer is 0.4 to 0.7 mm )

a. o.1 mm
b. 0.2
c. 0.5
d. 0.8

82. what is diagnosed by xenodiagnosis ? a

a. chagas
b. malaria
c. kala azar

83. whip test is used for ? c

a. candida
b. gardenella
c. trichomonas

84. no need to treat partner in ? d

a. trichomonas
b. gardenella
c. herpex genitalis
d. candida

85. most common cause of primary adrenal insufficiency in india ? b
a. autoimmune
b. TB

86. which is false about crytpogenic TB ? a
a. age < 40 years
b. weight loss
b. definited diagnosis by liver and bonemarrow biopsy
d. anorexia

87. which is not associated with ANCA ? c

a. PAN
b. wegeners
c. HSP
d. Microscopic polyangitis

88. most common employed sterisation technique ? a

a. pomeroys

89. Pill given in lactation ? a

a. minipill
b. combined pill

90. chorangioma of placenta associated with ? b

a. oligo hydramnios
b. polyhydramnios

91. drug of choice in eclampsia ? a

a. magnesium sulphate

92. ligament used to maintain anteversion ? b

a. triangular ligament
b. uterosacral
c. broad

93. which is not germ cell tumour ? b

a. dysgerminoma
b. brenner

94. most common type of choledochal cyst ? a

a. type 1
b. type 2
c. type 3
d. type 6

95. acquiring culture in society called ? b

a. socialisation
b. accultaration

96. Not used in epidemic ? a

a. Increasing demands for resources

97. what is not true about cross sectional study ? b

a. also called prevalance study
b. tells etiology
c. shows pattern of disease
d. tells prevalance

[snip]. what is not true about point source epidemic ? a

a. plateau phase

99. strain used for measles ? a

a. edmonston
b. ra 27/3
c. 17 d

100. which is not true about cephalohaematoma ? a

a. not limited by sutures
b. swelling subsides in 3 months
c. caused by periosteal injury of skull

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