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8 - 1 to 50 questions - ap pg 2008 - andhra pradesh medicine postgraduation entrance paper -

1. what is the action of anterior fibres of deltoid ? c

a. medial rotation
b. lateral rotation
c. flexion and medial rotation
d. extension and lateral rotation

2. which is not lined by stratified nonkeratinised squamaous epithelium ? d

a. hypopharynx and laryngopharynx
b. oesophagus
c. cornea
d. Tympanic membrane

3. which of the following is not supplied by posterior division of obturator nerve ? b

a. obturator externus
b. obturator internus
c. Adductor magnus

4. which of the following is true about azygous vein course ? c

a. superior venecava
b. posteriorly to inferior venecava
c. anterior lumbar vein

5. Which of the following is not present at birth ? a

a. mastoid tip
b. mastoid antrum
c. ethmoidal labrynth
d. endolymphatic sinus

6. Which is the critical temperature of nitrous oxide ? d

a. -118 degree
b. - 88
c. 26
d. 36.5

7. Which of the following is not an amino steroid derivative ?a

a. alcurioum
b. vecuronium
c. pancuronium
d. pipecuronium

8. what is the time gap given in train of four ? none ans : 2 seconds

a. 10 sec
b. 20 sec
c. 40 sec
d. 60 sec

9. which of the following presents as follicular pink scaly rash of chronic type with palmoplantar involvement ? d

a. pitryiasia rosea
b. pitryiasis alba
c. pitryrias capitis
d. pitryisas rubra pilaris

10. Which of the following presents as chronic winter rash in woman ? a

a. asteatotic eczema
b. statis eczema
c. atopic
d. nummular

11. Which of the following presents as keratin plug without opening ? d

a. comedom
b. nodule
c. cyst
d. milia

12. which of the following is not a type of lesion in leprosy? b

a. hypopigmented patch
b. vesicle
c. erytrhrodermic
d. raised plaque

13. which of the following is not the cause of charcots joint ? d

a. leprosy
b. syringomyelia
c. diabetes mellitus
d. psoriasis

14. Which of the following is called catamite ? b

a. Passive victim of sodomy anybody
b. passive victim of sodomy young boy

15. what is transvestism ? a ( please read Narayana reddy the definition )

a. Wearing clothes of opposite sex to be identified as of opposite sex
b. wearing clothes of opposite sex for sexual gratification

16. Contributory negligence is a defense in ? c

a. civil negligence
b. criminal negligence
c. ethical negligence

17. Which of the following is true about pneumothorax except? c

a. radiolucency of underlying lung with no bronhial markings
b. shift of lung to hilum
c. full radio opacity of underlying lung
d. Moderate ventilation of underlying lung

18. Which of the following is not true about MRI ? c

a. MRI is useful in locating small lesions
b. CT is better than MRI in bone lesions
c. MRI is better for calcified lesions

19. 1 Curie equals to ? d ( 1 giga is 1 billion )

a. 3.7 M becqueral
b. 37 M
c. 3.7 G b
d. 37 Gb

20. Biological half life of radioactive substance in organ depends upon ? c

a. initial radioactivity
b. substance half life
c. effective half life
d. metabolism of organ

21. which of the following is beneficial in Electroconvulsive therapy ? c

a. Bilateral induction of symmetrical generalised seizures
b. Induction of memory disturbances
c. use of anaesthetic agents
d. pulse oxymeter use

22. when extracellular potassium is increased from 4 meq to 10 meq what will happen ? a

a. resting membrane potential becomes more negative
b. increase in conductance of sodium
c. increase in conductions of potassium
d. Na K ATpase will be stopped

23. 10 percent dextrose is ? b ( 5 % is hypo . 25 % is hyper)

a. hypotonic
b. isotonic
c. normotonic
d. hypertonic

24. What is electromyogram ? b

a. stimulation of muscle through nerve
b. stimulation of muscle without nerve
c. direct recording of electrical activity from muscle
d. recording motor nerve conduction

25. guardian of genome ? a

a. p53
b. bcl2

26. Gene is ? a

a. codon
b. anticodon
c. cistron
d. okazaki fragment

27. which of the following is not the presentation of obstructive sleep apnea ? c

a. day time somnlence
b. nocturia
c. impotence
d. resp insufficiency

28. Primozide belongs to ? d

a. thioxanthines
b. phenothiazines
c. buprenorhine group
d. diphenyl.... group

29. which of the following drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation ? Metronidazole is contraindicated only in 1st trimester ( I agree )

a. mebendazole
b. albendazole
c. metronidazole

30 which drug caused gynaecomazia ? a

a. ketoconazole
b. fluconazole

31. which of the following untrue about wilson disease? a

a. increased ceruloplasmin

32. which of the following condition s4 is absent ? b

a. pulmonic stenosis
b. mitral stenois
c. systemic hypertension
d. pulm hypertension

33. In which of the following conditions pulsus paradoxus absent in cardiac tamponade ? d

a. obesity
b. pregancy
c. MS
d. AR

34. Sternocleidomastoid atrophy seen in ? a

a. spinal muscular atrophy
b. olivopontocerebellar atrophy
c. muscular dystrophy
d. duchennes

35. Krukenberg spindle present in ? a
a. corneal endolethium
b. retina
c. lens

36. photopsia seen in ? a

a. choroiditis

37. Laser trabeluoplasty done in ? a

a. open angle gluacoma
b. closed angle
c. angle closure

38. power of Intra ocular lens is determined by ? a ( Keratometry)

a. keratometry
b. retinoscopy
c. ophthalmoscopy
d. gonioscopy

39. Brown reflex deposition seen in mercury poisoning ? c

a. anterior cornea
b. posteror cornea
c. anterior lens
d. posterior lens

40. Precocious puberty caused by all except ?a

a. testicular feminisation
b. albrights
c. testicular tumours
d. brain tumours

41. rosette cataract seen in ? a

a. ocular trauma
b. diabetes
c. wilsons

42. which of the following disease has consistent symptoms of tinittus ? a

a. menieres disease

43. which of the following is not related to lateral sinus thrombosis ? c

a. greisinger sign
b. tobey ayer test
c. gradenigo syndrome

44. recently found association of bells palsy ? a

a. HSV
b. herpes zoster
c. EBC
d. varicella

45.sodium chromoglygate used in ? b

a. phlyctenular
b. vernal

46. most common site of choleasatoma ? a

a. prussaks space
b. hypotympanum

47. quinsy related to ? b

a. paratonsillar fossa
b. peritonsillar
c. crypta magna

48. external carotid artery is ligated at ? a

a. above the origin of sup thyroid artery
b. below the origin of sup thyroid artery
c. at the bificuration of common carotid artery
d. at the origin of ascending palatine artery

49. A boy presents with unilater purulent foetid discharge from nose? a

a. foreign body
b. polyp

50. which is false about natal teeth ? d or a

a. always present at birth
b. 2 incisors of mandibular teeth
c. severe root resorbtion problems associated
d. not removed

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