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10 - 101 to 150 questions ap pg 2008 paper - andhrapradesh post graduation entrance paper 2008

101. most common causes of perinatal mortality ? c

a. birth injury
b. intra uterine infection
c. birth asphyxia

102. not seen in small for date babies ? a

a. hypoglycemia
b. polycythemia
c. intracranial bleed

103. diffence of LCIS from invasive carcinoma ? d

a. age > 40 years
b. incidental detected
c. bilateral
d. histology similar to invasive

104. which is not having underlying malignancy ? a

a. paget disease of bone
b. paget disease of nipple
c. paget disease of vulva
d. paget disease of anal region

105. which is not true about PBC ? a

a. no increase in risk of hepatocellular carcinoma

106. string sign of kantor seen in ? a

a. chrons
b. ulcerative colitis

107. claw sign seen in ? a

a. intusseption
b. volvulus

108 treament of hydatid cyst ? b

a. excision of cyst
b. percutanoeous drainage
c. conservative managment

109. Most common site of intra peritoneal abscess ? c
a. morrison
b. omental bursa
c. pelvic
d. left subhepatic

110. Complete Rx of intussception indicates ? b

a. free passage of barium in the small intestine
b. passage of faceus and flatus along with barium
c. improvement of clinical condition

111. which is false about hydrocele ? c ( surgical Das mentions as a rule testis cannot be felt sepearately as the fluid of hydrocele sorrounds the body of the testis on page 314 in short cases of DAS surgery )

a. almost always fluid is transudate
b. get above the swelling
c. testis is palpated separate from swelling
d. obscures inguinal hernia

112. Functional brace not used in ? a

a. fracture neck of femur
b. fracture shaft of femur
c. fracture shaft of tibia
d. fracture shaft of humerus

113, which of the following is incorrect about scaphoid? c

a. most common carpal bone injured
b. non union is complication
c. avascular necrosis of distal part is there
d. x rays to be taken successively after 2 weeks

114. what is true about dequervan tenovaginitis ? a

a. involvement of extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus

115. what is incorrect about supra condylar fracture of humerus ? c

a. extension type is common
b. radial nerve is injured
c. cubitus valgus is most common complication

116. Mechanism of action of mini pill ? a

a. rendering cervical mucus thick
b. inhibiting ovulation

117. Incorrect about internal os of cervix ? b

a. hegar dilators used
b. most common cause of first trimester abortion

118. latent period in primigravida is ? b

a. 2 hours
b. 6 to 8 hours
c. 10 to 12 hours
d. 14 to 16 hours

119. most reversible method of sterilisation ? c

a. mini lap
b. pomeroys
c. laparoscopic sterilisation
d. hysteroscopic sterilisation

120 Maltese cross in RBC seen in ? a

a. babesia
b. Entamoeba

121. which is incorrect about cystic hygroma ? b

a. brilliantly translucent
b. radiotherapy
c. sclerotherapy with bleomycin
d. sclerotherapy with actinomycin

122. which of the following is not the cause of macrocytic anaemia ? b

a. orotic aciduria
b. abetalipoproteinemia
c. Lesh nyhan
d. transcobalamine deficiency

123 . Not the cause of neonatal seizures ? b

a. pyridoxine deficiency
b. hypokalemia

124. Anti Avidin is ? a

a. biotin
b. thiamine

125. which is incorrect about Burkitts lymphoma ? b

a. High mitotic activity
b. HIgh Apoptotic cell death
c. small nuclei proliferation

126. Serious complication of bacterimic shock ? a

a. causes shock lung
b. decrease peripheral resistance
c. increase cardiac output
d. decrease cardiac output

127. Calcium channel blocker showing affinity to cerebral vessels ? a

a. nimodipine

128. chromosome associated with familial polyposis colon ? a

a. chromosome 5
b. chromosome 6
c. chromosome 11
d. chromosome 13

129. which of the following is the cause of break of glomerular basement membrane sometimes and sub epithelial deposits in electron microscopy? c ( rapidly progressive is the answer )

a. membranous
b. focal glomerular sclerosis
c. rapidly progressive
d. minimal change

130. which of the following is not the branch of maxillary branch of internal carotid artery ? d
a. inferior alveolar
b. middle meningeal
c. anterior tympanic
d. posterior tympanic

131. which of the following is untrue about calcium homeostastis in chronic renal failure ? b

a. secondary hyperparathryoidism
b. primary hyperparathyroidism
c. multiple myeloma

132. what is column of bertini in kidney ? b

a. renal tumour
b. anatomical description given ( tongue shape extension )

133. Skeletal muscle most sensitive to tubocurarine ? b

a. diaphragm
b. Extra ocular
c. muscles of jaw

134. which is not true about VVF ? amenorrhea seen in vvf b

a. amenorrhea
b. Hydronephrosis

135. which of the following leads to cyclical haematuria ? a

a. vesico uterine fistula

136. which is correct about this ? c

a. Sperm production is cyclical
b. Continous Gnrh secretion is essential
c. sertoli cells are important for mitotic and meiotic activity
d. secretion of testosterone from leydig cells depends upon FSH

137. What is the stage of ovarian cancer with b/l with capsule intact, no ascites ? b

a. IA
b. IB
c. IC
d. II

138. what is epicolic node ? b

a. node draining colon
b. adjacent to aorta

139. A boy draws triangle but not diamond shape age is ? c

a. 3 years
b. 4 years
c. 5 years
d. 6 years

140. which of the following is not included in Human developmental index ? a

a. Infant mortality rate
b. percapita income
c. life expectancy at birth
d. Education

141. Most common presentation of Meckels diverticulum ? a

a. Lower GI bleeding

142. Bulging fissure in lung is due to infection ? b ( Klebsiella)

a. Mycoplasma
b. Klebsiella

143. which deficiency is seen in alcoholic with dementia ? a

a. Thiamine

144. Which microorganism is responsible for classical presentation of hydrocephalus, chorio retinitis , intracerebral calcification ? a

a. Toxoplasmosis

b. Rubella

145. Which defect is not detected by amniocentesis ? b
a. cystic fibrosis
b. phenyl ketonuria
c. downs syndrome

146. what is the drug of choice of antiepilepsy in porphyria ? d ( as comment received )

a. phenytoin
b. phenobarbitone
c. valproate
d. Clonazepam

147. which type of porphyria is transmitted as Autosomal recessive ? c

a. AIP
b. PCT
c. congenital erythropoietic
d. variegate

148. what is aseptic autolysis called ? a

a. maceration
b. adipocere
c. mummification

149. what is the mechanism of abruption of svt by carotid massage ? b

a. decrease sympathetic discharge
b. increase parasympathetic discharge to SA node
c. increase parasympathetic discharge to conducting system from SA to AV node
d. ventricular depolarisation

150. which of the following cast has no significance ? a

a. Hyaline cast

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