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11 - 151 to 200 - ap pg paper 2008 - andhra pradesh medical post graduation entrance paper 2008

151. what is the range of proteinuria is microalbuminuria ? a

a. 30 to 300mg / d

152. which semicircular canal is stimulated with cold water ? a

a. lateral scc
b. posterior scc
c. anterior scc

153. which of the following is associated with renal stones ? b

a. tiagabine
b. zonasimide

154. In which of the following conditions acetazolamide is not used ? b

a. epilepsy
b. cirrhosis

155. Which of the following is not the presentation of Extrinsic allergic alveolitis ? a

a. Bronchial asthma and wheeze
b. B/l reticulo nodular shadows

156. Band shaped keratopathy seen in ? a

a. JRA

157. Which of the following is incorrect about dubin johnson syndrome ? a

a. alkaline phosphatase is elevated

158. Systolic murmur in TOF is due to ? b

a. VSD
b. pulm stenosis

159. which glycogen storage disease doesn't affect muscles ? a

a. type 1
b. type 2
c. type 3
d. type 4

160. Cholestasis is due to all except ? c

a. obesity
b. excessive haemolysis
c. high protein diet
d. pregnancy

161. which is the characteristic lesion of pregnancy ? d

a. vitiligo
b. pemphigus
c. tinea
d. chloasma

162. A person recently exposed to sex presents with painless granulomatous ulcer with everted edges ? a

a. primary chancre
b. chancroid
c. LGV
d. Donovanosis

163. which type of clostridium tetani has no flagella ? a ( not sure )

a. type 1
b. type 2
c. type 4
d. type 3

164. Specific congenital abnormality associated with DM ? a

a. caudal regression syndrome
b. VSD

165. Fibrates acts by reducing ? b ( VLDL according to K.D.Tripati )

a. chylomicrons
c. LDL
d. HDL

166. shortest acting benzodiazipine ? a
a. midazolam
b. lorazepam

167. Severity of Aortic stenosis is determined by ? a

a. Late ejection systolic murmur

168. mRNA codes for ? a

a. poly A
b. poly U
c. poly C
d. poly G

169. Which of the following has propensity to metastasize through lymph nodes ? a

a. alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
b. osteosarcoma

170. which of the following is not poor prognosis factor in malnutrition ? a

a. dermatosis
b. hepatomegaly

171. Extended ESI benefit are all except ? d

a. news paper establishments
b. non power 18 employees
c. non power less than 18 employees
d. small power 10 to 18 employees

172. which of the following is not seen due to mutiple myeloma ? b a. amyloidosis b. pxoximal tube defect c. light chains d. 173. treatment of vault prolapse ? a a. sacral colpoplexy 174. Not a contraindication for external cephalic version ? a a. breech presentation 175. Not a leading cause of DIC in pregnancy ? c a. eclampsia b. abruptio placenta c. Heart disease 176. Engaging diameter in brow presentation ? a a. mentovertical 177 A blunt trauma to chest with Bp 80/50 pulse rate 100 /mt with jugular vein distention ? a a. cardiac tamponade b. pneumothorax 178. which of the follwoing doesn't change pH of stomach ? a a. sucralfate b. H2 blocker c. omeprazole d. 179. Toxicity associated with haemodialysis ? a a. Aluminium b. magnesium 180. what is rider walker coefficent ? a a. Efficacy in comparision to phenol 181. which of the following doesn't cause diarrhoea ? b a. diabetes b. hypercalcemia c. d. 182. which is not true about otosclerosis ? b a. conductive deafness b. non progressive deafness c. autosomal dominant d. flouride is therapeutic 183. which of the following is not associated with fulminant hepatic failure ? a. herpes simplex b. paramyxovirus c. infectious mononucleosis 184. oral hairy leukoplakia caused by ? a a. Ebstein barr virus 185. Contact period of chlorination ? a a. 1 hour b. 30 minutes c. 1 1/2 hour d. 2 hours 186. Which of the following is not associated with vibrio cholera ? a a. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome 187 which of the following is not absorbable suture ? d a. catgut b. polyamide c. polygalactyl d. polyester 188. Prognosis of breast carcinoma is best determined by ? b a. oestrogen/progesterone receptors b. Axillary lymph node status 189. Sudden painless vision loss in a patient with myopia ? a a. Retinal detachment b. Central retinal artery occlusion 190. Most common site of Tuberculosis of genital tract ? c a. endometrium b. ovary c. fallopian tube 191. Which of the following conditions disappear spontaneously in first year of life ? d a. port wine stain b. capillary haemangioma c. cavernous haemangioma d. strawberry haemangioma 192. which of the following is true about prostate cancer screeing ? a a. Digital screening along with PSA is additive 193. Which of the following is associated with Normal anion gap metabolic acidosis ? a a. cholera b. Diabetic keto acidosis c. starvation d. vomitting 194. Gynaecomastia not seen in ?a a. Myxedema b. Thyrotoxicosis c. d 195. Discordant twin complication in multiple pregancy is due to ? a a. Twin Twin transfusion syndrome 196.Distressing Complication after modified radical mastectomy ? a a. lymphedema b. axillary vein thrombosis c. seroma d. 197. Hyperosmolar agents in glaucoma acts by ? a ( I think it is a repeat ) if vitreous volume reduction given as option then that will be correct. a. Increasing aqueous outflow 198. Most common cause of death due to burns in early period is ? b a. sepsis b. Hypovolemic shock c d 199. Initial management of dacrocystitis is ? c a. syringing b. topical antibiotics c. massaging d. 200 Which of the following is not a anthropozoonosis ? c a. Rabies b. plague c. dracunculosis d.

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