Wednesday, August 26, 2009

280 - PGI Chandigarh December 2007 mcqs with answers part 3

13q: True statements about juvenile myoclonic epilepsy ?

a. DOC is sodium valproate
b. mental retardation
c. seizure can develop
d. neurological examination is abnormal
e. life long treatment needed

Click here to read a short notes on Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy .

14q: A child presented in the casualty with fever , unconscious and papilloedema . what is the next step/s to be done ?

a. intubation
b. oxygenation
c. CT scan
d. lumbar puncture

15q: A child with jaundice is being given food intravenously . which of the following can occur out of it ?

a. infection
b. malnutrition
c. diarrhea
d. hyperglycemia
e. metabolic acidosis

16q: Most common cardiac tumor in childhood ?

a. rhabdomyoma
b. lymphoma
c. atrial myxoma
d. sarcoma
e. fibroma

17q: loss of pulmonary surfactant in premature infant ?

a. pulmonary edema
b. collapse of alveoli
c. elastic recoil of lungs
d. all the above

18q: unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia is seen in ?

a. physiological jaundice
b. breast milk jaundice
c. gilbert syndrome
d. biliary atresia
e. rotor syndrome

279 - PGI Chandiarh December 2007 mcqs with answers part 2

6q: What is meant by a " suppositious child " ?

a. second born out of a twin pregnancy
b. child born out of wed lock
c. child reared by a woman and she claims the child
d. heterozygous mother and father
e. homozygous mother and father

7q: An adolescent child complains of night pains in the knee . It could be due to ?

a. juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
b. idiopathic growth pain
c. osteosarcoma
d. paget's disease
e. osteomyelitis

8q: Infants of diabetic mother manifests ?

a. hyperglycemia
b. hypoglycemia
c. hypocalcemia
d. increased fetal defects
e. hyperbilirubinemia

9q: 7 day old baby presented in the emergency department with unconsciousness, blue in appearance with 85 % in oxygen saturation . the diagnosis ?

a. tetralogy of fallot
b. TGA
d. PDA

10q: Oral glucose tolerance test in children is done with ?

a. 1.5 gm/kg glucose
b. 1.75 gm/kg glucose
c. 2 gm/kg glucose
d. 2.5 gm/kg glucose
e. 75 gms as an adult

11q: A new born of 7 days old presented with meningitis . most common cause ?

a. E.coli
b. streptococcal pneumonia
c. N.meningitides
d. streptococcal agalactiae
e. H.influenzae

12q: Still born child is defined by ?

a. greater than 20 weeks
b. greater than 24 weeks
c. greater than 28 weeks
d. greater than 32 weeks
e. greater than 1300 grams of weight

Thursday, August 20, 2009

278 - PGI Chandigarh December 2007 Mcqs with answers part 1

1q: Most common cancer due to radiation ?
a. leukemia
b. bronchogenic carcinoma
c. Thyroid carcinoma
d. breast cancer
e. bone tumor
2q: Contrasts used in USG ?
a. urograffin
b. ultragraffin
c. sonavist
d. conray
e. barium
3q: double bubble sign is seen in ?
a. duodenal atresia
b. ileal atresia
c. pyloric stenosis
d. pancreatic divisum
e. volvulus
4q: Radiation emitted by Ir-192 is ?
a. 0.5 MeV
b. 0.6 MeV
c. 0.66 MeV
d. 0.666 MeV
e. 0.47 MeV
5q: Which of the following statements are true about MRCP ?
a. MRI is used to obtain the images
b. CT is used for the images
c. it shows the biliary tree
d. dye has to be injected endoscopically
e. it is an invasive procedure

Thursday, August 13, 2009

277 - Random Mcqs from various Medical PG entrance tests part 9

41q: Methotrexate is used in all except ?

a. choriocarcinoma
b. rheumatoid arthritis
c. psoriasis
d. osteoarthritis

Actually it is used in all the above conditions...but the best answer here will be osteoarthritis coz methotrexate is used only in a subset of patients with Erosive form of osteo which is not responding to standard line of such methotrexate isnt indicated in osteoarithritis..

Methotrxate is considered to be DOC in case of psoriatic arthropathy though nowdays Etanarecept is increasingly being used.

Choriocarcinoma is one of the tumors that is most sensitive to chemotherapy. The cure rate, even for metastatic choriocarcinoma, is around 90-95%. Virtually everyone without metastases can be cured; however, metastatic disease to the kidneys and/or brain is usually fatal. At present, treatment with single-agent methotrexate or actinomycin D is recommended for low-risk disease, while intense combination regimens including EMACO (etoposide, methotrexate, actinomycin D, cyclosphosphamide and oncovin) are recommended for intermediate or high-risk disease.

and obviously methotrexate is one of the DMARDs for RA...

42q: this layer of cornea has no regenerative capacity-

a. stroma/bowmans capsule
b. endothelium
c. epithelium
d. descemets membrane

This is the best answer here . Actually the Corneal Endothelium is a misnomer..its isn't the actual endothelium that we know of, it isnt bathed by blood or lymph and its origin are completely different.
Unlike Corneal epithelium.. the corneal endothelium cells do not regenerate...instead they stretch to accomadate the dead cells.....this has certain effect on the fluid balance of the stroma.

If there was no bowmans membrane along wid stroma, i would have been tempted to mark that too as its just a condensation of collagen fibres with no keratinocytes.
You might argue that even corneal stromal layer is aggregation of collagen fibres, but it does have kertainocytes interpresed in between the parallely arranged collagen fibres.

Hence the best answer here would be Corneal Endothelium according to best of my knowledge..

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