Wednesday, August 26, 2009

279 - PGI Chandiarh December 2007 mcqs with answers part 2

6q: What is meant by a " suppositious child " ?

a. second born out of a twin pregnancy
b. child born out of wed lock
c. child reared by a woman and she claims the child
d. heterozygous mother and father
e. homozygous mother and father

7q: An adolescent child complains of night pains in the knee . It could be due to ?

a. juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
b. idiopathic growth pain
c. osteosarcoma
d. paget's disease
e. osteomyelitis

8q: Infants of diabetic mother manifests ?

a. hyperglycemia
b. hypoglycemia
c. hypocalcemia
d. increased fetal defects
e. hyperbilirubinemia

9q: 7 day old baby presented in the emergency department with unconsciousness, blue in appearance with 85 % in oxygen saturation . the diagnosis ?

a. tetralogy of fallot
b. TGA
d. PDA

10q: Oral glucose tolerance test in children is done with ?

a. 1.5 gm/kg glucose
b. 1.75 gm/kg glucose
c. 2 gm/kg glucose
d. 2.5 gm/kg glucose
e. 75 gms as an adult

11q: A new born of 7 days old presented with meningitis . most common cause ?

a. E.coli
b. streptococcal pneumonia
c. N.meningitides
d. streptococcal agalactiae
e. H.influenzae

12q: Still born child is defined by ?

a. greater than 20 weeks
b. greater than 24 weeks
c. greater than 28 weeks
d. greater than 32 weeks
e. greater than 1300 grams of weight

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