Thursday, August 20, 2009

278 - PGI Chandigarh December 2007 Mcqs with answers part 1

1q: Most common cancer due to radiation ?
a. leukemia
b. bronchogenic carcinoma
c. Thyroid carcinoma
d. breast cancer
e. bone tumor
2q: Contrasts used in USG ?
a. urograffin
b. ultragraffin
c. sonavist
d. conray
e. barium
3q: double bubble sign is seen in ?
a. duodenal atresia
b. ileal atresia
c. pyloric stenosis
d. pancreatic divisum
e. volvulus
4q: Radiation emitted by Ir-192 is ?
a. 0.5 MeV
b. 0.6 MeV
c. 0.66 MeV
d. 0.666 MeV
e. 0.47 MeV
5q: Which of the following statements are true about MRCP ?
a. MRI is used to obtain the images
b. CT is used for the images
c. it shows the biliary tree
d. dye has to be injected endoscopically
e. it is an invasive procedure

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