Monday, December 14, 2009

325 - DNB CET December 2009 Mcqs with answers part 4

16q: Complete cleft palate is totally separated from ?
a. Maxilla
b. Orbit
c. Vomer
d. None

17q: Which of the following is not a content of adductor canal ?
a. Femoral artery
b. Femoral vein
c. Saphenous nerve
d. Popliteal artery

*Visit this page for a detailed explanation of the relations and contents of Adductor canal.

18q: Weight of the Indian reference man and women are _____ and _______ respectively ?
a. 60 and 55
b. 70 and 50
c. 60 and 50
d. 65 and 55

19q: Karyotype of complete mole is ?
a. 46 XX
b. 69 XX
c. 46 XY
d. 69 XY

20q: Which of the following is the denominator of General Fertility rate ?
a. Mid year female population between 15-44 age
b. ???????
c. ?????????
d. ???????

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