Wednesday, December 2, 2009

321 - PGI Chandigarh November 2009 Mcqs with answers part 9

41q: Which of the following are associated with senile amyloidosis ?
a. Transthyretin
b. Beta amyloid
c. AA amyloid
d. Heart failure is predominant presentation

42q: Most commonly Pancreatic pseudoaneurysm involves which arteries..
a) Gastroduodenal A.
b) Inferior pancreatico-duodenal
c) Gastric arteries
d) Splenic A.
e) Hepatic A.

43q: Kerley B lines are seen in :-
a) Pericardial effusion
b) Pleural effusion
c) Mitral stenosis
d) Interstitial edema
e) Lymphangitic carcinomatosis

44q: Biophysical profle includes..
a) Fetal heart rate acceleration monitoring
b) Fetal breathing movement
c) Fetal body movements
d) Placental examination
e) ????????

45q: Intra epidermal blisters are seen in:-
a) Bullous pemphigoid
b) Pemphigus folliaceous
c) Darrier's disease
d) Epidermolysis
e) ????????

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