Sunday, March 21, 2010

351 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 3

11q: Which of the following is not commonly seen in Polycythemia Vera?
a. Thrombosis
b. Hyperuricemia
c. Prone for acute leukemia
d. Spontaneous severe infection

12q: Which of the following is the correct statement regarding findings in JVP ?
a. Cannon wave : Complete heart block
b. Slow y descent : Tricuspid regurgitation
c. Giant c wave : Tricuspid stenosis
d. Increased JVP with prominent pulsations : SVC obstruction

13q: Which of the following is not a common manifestation of Congenital Rubella?
a. Deafness
b. PDA
c. Mitral stenosis
d. Cataract

14q: Which of the following is the position of the limb in posterior dislocation of hip?
a. Internal rotation, flexion and adduction
b. Internal rotation, extension and adduction
c. External rotation, flexion and adduction
d. External rotation, flexion and abduction

15q: Craniospinal irradiation is employed in the treatment of
a. Oligodendroglioma
b. Pilocytic astrocytoma
c. Mixed oligoastrocytoma
d. Medulloblastoma

*The funny thing about all the above 5 questions is that, all of the above 5 questions were taken as it is from ALL INDIA 2002 PAPER, and i was wondering that there were no repeats. 

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