Tuesday, March 30, 2010

371 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 23

111q: Laparascopic hand instruments are sterilized by all except
a. Autoclaving
b. Immersion in cidex 20%
c. Dry heat
d. Placing in a Formalin chamber overnight

112q: A nurse threw an infected gauze containing blood into a black bag after doing a dressing on a patient. Which of the following should have been done?
a. She did the right thing
b. She should have thrown it into a red bag and sent for incineration
c. She should have thrown it into a yellow bag and sent for incineration
d. She should pretreat it with antiseptic and then throw it in a yellow bag

113q: All are true about Retinoic acid syndrome except
a. Vitamin A toxicity
b. Pulmonary features
c. Due to mature neoplasm cell adhering to alveoli
d. Causes 10% mortality

114q: All of the following are true about pyramidal tracts except
a. Anterior corticospinal tracts are uncrossed
b. 80% of fibres are present in lateral corticospinal tract
c. Arise from pyramidal cells
d. Excitation of these causes presynaptic inhibition of sensory fibers

115q: Prevalence is increased by
a. Emmigration of diseased
b. Immigration of healthy
c. Good cure rate
d. Longer duration of disease

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