Tuesday, March 30, 2010

369 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 21

101q: A 24 years aged person presents with solitary nodule in the thyroid. FNAC shows follicular neoplasm. What is the next best appropriate step?
a. Thyroid scan
b. Hemithyroidectomy
c. Wait and watch
d. Repeat FNAC

102q: Positive end expiratory pressure causes all except
a. Decreasing cardiac output
b. Decreasing CVP
c. Increasing residual volume
d. Sodium retention

103q: A 42 year old woman presents with atypical endometrial hyperplasia. What is the treatment of choice?
a. Hysterectomy
b. OC Pills
c. Estrogen
d. Progesterone

104q: A 25 year old lady presents with arrythmias, mid systolic clicks and dyspnea on exertion. What is the investigation to be done
a. Arteriography
b. Echocardiography
c. Chest X-ray
d. Electrophysiological tests

105q: A boy can climb up and down stairs,one step at a time, jump, build a tower of 10 cubes, open a door, use 3 words in a sentence. What is his minimum age
a. 20 months
b. 24 months
c. 30 months
d. 36 months

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Anonymous said...

follicular neoplasm next best dtep is hemithyroidectomy

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