Tuesday, March 30, 2010

366 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 18

86q: All of the following are true about mature uncomplicated cataract except
a. Absent lens shadow
b. Pearly white colour
c. Normal anterior chamber
d. Absent light perception

87q: Ring pessary is used in all except
a. Puerperium
b. Stress incontinence
c. Patients unfit for surgery
d. Pregnancy

88q: All are types of skin traction except
a. Dunlop traction
b. Russel's traction
c. Buck's external traction
d. Bryant's traction

89q: Most commonly used source for external beam radiotherapy
a. Cobalt 60
b. Cesium 137
c. Iridium 131
d. Radium 226

90q: Cold sterilization is done by
a. Gamma rays
b. UV rays
c. IR rays
d. Not recalled

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