Tuesday, March 30, 2010

364 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 16

76q: All of the following are true about MIRENA (Levonorgestrel releasing intrauterine device) except :
a. It a highly effective contraceptive with a failure rate of 0.1%
b. It releases a daily dose of 20 micrograms levonorgestrel
c. It is used in menorrhagia
d. It can be used for a period of 5 years

77q: All are true about female condom except
a. It is made from polyurethane
b. It covers the vagina and external genitalia
c. Failure rate is 2 per HWY
d. Prevents STD

78q: All of the following are true about the mechanism of action of OCPs except
a. Decreases FSH and LH
b. Makes the cervical mucus thin,clear and watery
c. Inhibit ovulation
d. Not recalled

79q: Mechanism of action of CuT are all except
a. Direct spermicidal action
b. Causes biochemical changes which causes gametocytic and spermatolytic changes
c. Increases fallopian tube motility
d. Not recalled

80q: MTP at 8 weeks is by which of the following methods
a. Suction evacuation
b. Dilatation and currettage
c. Prostaglandins
d. Oxytocin

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