Tuesday, March 23, 2010

361 - AP PG 2010 Paper mcqs with answers - part 13

61q: Which of the following is not a compartment of the leg?
a. Anterior
b. Posterior
c. Medial
d. Lateral

62q: Lymphatics from the cervical portion of the Uterus drains into all of the following except
a. Superfiical inguinal lymph nodes
b. External iliac lymph nodes
c. Internal iliac lymph nodes
d. Obturator nodes

63q: All of the following impinge on the oesophagus except
a. Left main bronchus
b. Left subclavian artery
c. Arch of aorta

64q: All of the following are supplied by the Hypoglossal nerve except
c. Palatoglossus

65q: All of the following are extensors of the wrist except
a. Extensor digitorum profundus
b. Extensor indicis
c. Extensor pollicis brevis

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