Thursday, March 26, 2009

164 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 10

46q: antigliadin antibodies are detectable in ?

a. tropical sprue
b. whipple’s disease
c. celiac disease
d. intestinal lymphoma

47q: all are causes of papilloedema except ?

a. cerebral tumors
b. friederich’s ataxia
c. cavernous sinus thrombosis
d. cerebral abscess

48q: Cu T 380A IUCD should be replaced once in ?

a. 4 years
b. 6 years
c. 8 years
d. 10 years

49q: the commonest gastric polyp is ?

a. hyperplastic polyp
b. inflammatory polyp
c. adenomatous polyp
d. part of familial polyposis

50q: buruli ulcer is caused by ?

a. mycobacterium ulcerans
b. mycobacterium marinum
c. mycobacterium kansasi
d. mycobacterium fortuitum

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