Thursday, March 26, 2009

172 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 18

86q: the ECG change seen in hyperkalemia is ?

a. narrowing of the QRS complex
b. increased amplitude of P waves
c. narrowing and peaking of T waves
d. prominent U waves

87q: association of sexual precocity,multiple cystic bone lesions and endocrinopathies are seen in ?

a. McCune-Albright’s syndrome
b. Granulosa cell tumor
c. Androblastoma
d. Hepatoblastoma

88q: amaurosis fugax refers to occlusion of ?

a. middle cerebral artery
b. retinal artery
c. renal vessels
d. mesenteric vessels

89q: early and reliable indication of air embolism during anaesthesia can be obtained by continuous monitoring of ?

a. ECG
b. Blood pressure
c. End tidal CO2
d. Oxygen saturation

90q: the following is a life threatening side effect associated with the use of clozapine ?

a. pancreatitis
b. hypoglycemia
c. agranulocytosis
d. acute renal failure

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