Thursday, March 26, 2009

162 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 8

36q: the tumor marker for endodermal sinus tumor is ?

a. HCG
b. Human placental lactogen
c. CA 125
d. Alpha fetoprotein

37q: the earliest clinical sign of vitamin A deficiency ?

a. conjunctival xerosis
b. corneal xerosis
c. bitots spots
d. keratomalacia

38q: which of the following tests is most sensitive for detecting early diabetic nephropathy ?

a. serum creatinine
b. creatinine clearance
c. microalbuminuria
d. ultrasonography

39q: in normal conditions of atmosphere and temperature , the rate of cooling of dead body is ?

a. 1.0 degree farenheit / hour
b. 1.5 degree farenheit / hour
c. 2.0 degree farenheit / hour
d. 2.5 degree farenheit / hour

40q: which among the following is a cell cycle specific anti-neoplastic drug ?

a. cyclophosphamide
b. doxorubicin
c. methotrexate
d. cisplatin

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