Thursday, March 26, 2009

184 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 30

146q: agoraphobia is a disorder characterized by all of the following except ?

a. visual hallucinations
b. avoidance of situations in which it is difficult to obtain help
c. presence of panic symptoms
d. avoidance of being outside alone

147q: objective assessment of the refractive state of the eye is termed ?

a. retinoscopy
b. gonioscopy
c. opthalmoscopy
d. keratoscopy

148q: the single most important sign in suspecting early volkmann’s contracture is ?

a. pallor of the fingers
b. pain
c. obliteration of the pulse
d. paralysis of the involved muscles

149q: gartner’s duct is a remnant of ?

a. mullerian duct
b. wollfian duct
c. cloacal duct
d. epophoron

150q: which immunoglobulin crosses placenta ?

a. Ig M
b. Ig A
c. Ig G
d. Ig D

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