Thursday, March 26, 2009

180 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 26

126q: the first line of treatment of open angle glaucoma is ?

a. timolol
b. pilocarpine
c. epinephrine
d. carbonic anhydrase inhibitor

127q: the following bacteria can invade intact corneal epithelium except ?

a. neisseria gonorrhea
b. haemophilus influenzae
c. staphylococcus aureus
d. listeria species

128q: duffy blood group antigen negativity confers protection against infection by ?

a. plasmodium falciparum
b. plasmodium ovale
c. plasmodium vivax
d. plasmodium malariae

129q: in a 6 year old child with burns involving the whole of head and trunk , the estimated body surface area of burns is ?

a. 44 %
b. 52 %
c. 55 %
d. 58 %

130q: most common medial meniscal tear is ?

a. longitudinal tear
b. oblique tear
c. radical tear
d. horizontal tear

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