Wednesday, March 25, 2009

160 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 6

26q: the screening test for gestational diabetes mellitus that has the highest sensitivity is ?

a. glycosylated Hb
b. blood fructosamine
c. 50 gram glucose challenge test
d. Random blood sugar

27q: dose of anti-D gamma globulin following first trimester abortion is ?

a. 50 micrograms
b. 100 micrograms
c. 200 micrograms
d. 300 micrograms

28q: the commonest clinical pattern of basal cell carcinoma is ?

a. nodular
b. morpheaform
c. superficial
d. keratotic

29q: which of the following does not increase neuromuscular blockade ?

a. clindamycin
b. lincomycin
c. streptomycin
d. erythromycin

30q: “bird of prey” sign is seen in the radiographic barium examination of ?

a. gastric volvulus
b. intussusception
c. sigmoid volvulus
d. caecal volvulus

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