Thursday, March 26, 2009

176 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 22

106q: yellow fever is absent in India because ?

a. climatic conditions are not favourable
b. virus is not present
c. vector mosquito is absent
d. population is immune

107q: the objective of national population policy 2000 is to bring total fertility rate to replacement levels by the year ?

a. 2005
b. 2010
c. 2015
d. 2020

108q: mucin clot test is done to detect ?

a. mucin in stool
b. protein in CSF
c. hyaluronate in synovial fluid
d. protein in pleural fluid

109q: facial angle is a rough index of the degree of development of the ?

a. jaws
b. nose
c. brain
d. eyes

110q: the epithelial lining of the urethra below the opening of the ejaculatory ducts is ?

a. stratified cuboidal epithelium
b. stratified columnar epithelium
c. transitional epithelium
d. stratified squamous epithelium

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