Tuesday, March 24, 2009

137 - AIIMS community medicine mcqs or social and preventive medicine mcqs ( spm or psm ) from all previous years AIIMS papers with answers - part 30

151q: mosquitoes act as intermediate vector for ?

a. cholera
b. typhoid
c. filarial
d. all the above

152q: which is true about typhoid carrier ?

a. sputum or milk may be the source
b. excreted more in feces than in urine
c. occurs more commonly in female
d. bacilli are excreted for 4-6 months only

153q: in case fatality rate , true is ?

a. numerator is always constant
b. denominator is always constant
c. numerator and denominator are proportion of each other
d. numerator and denominator are two separate entities

154q: for studying relationship of hypertension as etiological agent of CVS diseases , study used is

a. longitudinal study
b. cohort study
c. random sampling
d. cross sectional study

155q: when frequency is given as mild , moderate and severe , method used is ?

a. ratio
b. nominal
c. variance
d. interval

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