Thursday, March 26, 2009

185 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 31

151q: all of the following are tumor necrosis factor blocking agents except ?

a. adalimumab
b. etanercept
c. infliximab
d. abciximab

152q: which virus given below is not a teratogenic virus ?

a. rubella
b. cytomegalovirus
c. herpes simplex
d. measles

153q: postmortem rigidity first starts in

a. eyelids
b. neck
c. upper limbs
d. lower limbs

154q: The anopheles species most commonly found in coastal regions is

a. pheles philippinensis
b. anopheles stephensi
c. anopheles fluviatilis
d. anopheles minimus

155q. Increased frequency of HLA-B 27 is seen in all of the following diseases except ?

a. ankylosing spondylitis
b. reiters syndrome
c. acute anterior uveitis
d. myasthenia gravis

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