Monday, March 23, 2009

114 - AIIMS community medicine mcqs or social and preventive medicine mcqs ( spm or psm ) from all previous years AIIMS papers with answers - part 8

36q: true about normal distribution curve is all except ?

a. mean , median and mode all coincide
b. total area of the curve is one
c. standard deviation is one
d. mean of the curve is hundred

37q: vaccine contraindicated in pregnancy is ?

a. tuberculin
b. typhoid
c. influenza
d. HBV

38q: denominator in general fertility rate is ?

a. all women between 15-45 years of age
b. all married women between 15-45 years of age
c. total number of live births
d. total number of all births

39q: total fertility rate gives approximate magnitude of ?

a. general fertility rate
b. net reproduction rate
c. completed family size
d. crude birth rate

40q: in Infant Mortality Rate , age of infants is considered

a. below 1 month
b. below 1 year
c. upto 1 year
d. 28 days

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