Monday, March 23, 2009

110 - AIIMS community medicine mcqs or social and preventive medicine mcqs ( spm or psm ) from all previous years AIIMS papers with answers - part 4

16q: life expectancy as per 1991 census is ?

17q: life expectancy as per 2001 census is ?

18q: regarding propogated epidemic all are true except ?

a. herd immunity plays an important role in spread
b. person to person transmission takes place
c. high secondary attack rate
d. no secondary peaks

19q: the vector of japanese encephalitis in India is ?

20q: in a case controlled study , it is found that the disease is more common in the group taking coffee as compared to the control group . the significance of this is ?

a. cause and effect relationship established
b. disease median can be calculated
c. caffeine is associated with occurrence of disease
d. control will not get the disease

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