Thursday, March 26, 2009

168 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 14

66q: Wilson’s disease is characterized by ?

a. low serum ceruloplasmin and low urinary copper
b. low serum ceruloplasmin and high urinary copper
c. high serum ceruloplasmin and low urinary copper
d. high serum ceruloplasmin and low urinary copper

67q: partogram is used to ?

a. assess the fetal well-being in labour
b. assess the condition of the baby at birth
c. record the events of pregnancy
d. assess the progress of labour

68q: the reynold’s pentad of fever,jaundice,right upper quadrant pain,septic shock and mental status change is typical of ?

a. cholangitis
b. hepatitis
c. cholecystitis
d. pancreatitis

69q: the drug that has the fastest onset of action in benign prostatic hyperplasia ?

a. finasteride
b. tamsulosin
c. dutasteride
d. flutamide

70q: nipple shadows on chest radiographs characteristically have a sharp ?

a. lateral margin
b. medial margin
c. inferior margin
d. superior margin

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