Tuesday, March 24, 2009

125 - AIIMS community medicine mcqs or social and preventive medicine mcqs ( spm or psm ) from all previous years AIIMS papers with answers - part 19

91q: best method to measure goiter prevalence rate in a community is ?

a. neonatal hypothyroidism
b. iodine level in salt
c. adult hypothyroidism
d. thyroid function test screening

92q: carrier stage is not found in ?

a. cholera
b. pertussis
c. typhoid
d. diphtheria

93q: incubation period of pertussis is ?

94q: disease among exposed minus disease among non-exposed is equal to ?

a. relative risk
b. attributable risk
c. odd ratio
d. proportion risk

95q: for a survey , a village is divided into 5 lanes , then each lane is sample randomly . it is an example of ?

a. simple random sampling
b. stratified random sampling
c. systemic random sampling
d. all the above

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