Wednesday, March 25, 2009

157 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 3

11q: von brun’s nest is seen in ?

a. normal urothelium
b. transitional cell carcinoma
c. squamous cell carcinoma
d. adenocarcinoma

12q: unilateral steppage gait occurs in all except ?

a. L5 radiculopathy
b. Sciatic neuropathy
c. Peroneal neuropathy
d. Distal polyneuropathy

13q: time required for development of parasite from the gametocyte to sporozite stage in mosquito is called as ?

a. extrinsic incubation period
b. intrinsic incubation period
c. generation time
d. median incubation period

14q: trotter’s triad is seen in carcinoma of ?

a. maxilla
b. larynx
c. nasopharynx
d. ethmoidal sinus

15q: in myocardial infarction , microscopic picture of coagulation necrosis with neutrophilic infiltration is seen in ?

a. 4-12 hours
b. 12-24 hours
c. 1-3 days
d. 3-7 days

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