Thursday, March 26, 2009

167 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 13

61q: the raphe nuclei located in lower pons and medulla secrete the following neurotransmitter ?

a. norepinephrine
b. dopamine
c. serotonin
d. acetyl choline

62q: superior colliculus is concerned with ?

a. olfaction
b. hearing
c. vision
d. pain sensation

63q: berger nephropathy disease is due to mesangial deposition of ?

a. fibrin and C3
b. IgD and C3
c. IgE and C3
d. IgA and C3

64q: an emerging viral pathogen causing pyelonephritis in kidney allografts is ?

a. molluscum contagiosum
b. herpes simplex virus
c. polyoma virus
d. influenza virus

65q: under the national programme for control of blindness , the goal is to reduce the prevalence the blindness to a level of ?

a. 0.1 %
b. 0.3 %
c. 0.5 %
d. 1 %

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