Wednesday, March 25, 2009

159 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 5

21q: the antibody produced during the primary immune response is ?

a. Ig M
b. Ig G
c. Ig A
d. Ig E

22q: pneumonia alba is due to ?

a. klebsiella
b. streptococci
c. treponema pallidum
d. staphylococci

23q: the maximum hours of work per week prescribed under the factories act is ?

a. 42
b. 48
c. 54
d. 60

24q: mineral oils are used in mosquito control measure as ?

a. a personal protection method
b. larvicide
c. adulticide
d. space spray

25q: digoxin can accumulate to toxic levels in patients with ?

a. renal insufficiency
b. chronic hepatitis
c. advanced cirrhosis
d. chronic hepatitis

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