Thursday, March 26, 2009

173 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 19

91q: which of the following antitumor agents works by impairing denovo purine synthesis ?

a. hydroxyl urea
b. 5- fluorouracil
c. Methotrexate
d. Allopurinol

92q: the dangerous particle size causing pneumoconiosis arises from ?

a. 100-150 micrometers
b. 50-100 micrometers
c. 10-50 micrometers
d. 1-5 micrometers

93q: swinging flash light test is used to examine ?

a. cornea
b. pupil
c. lens
d. conjunctiva

94q: the recommended content of iodine in salt at the consumer level is ?

a. 10 ppm
b. 15 ppm
c. 20 ppm
d. 30 ppm

95q: which of the following does not cause an increase in serum amylase ?

a. pancreatitis
b. carcinoma lung
c. renal failure
d. cardiac failure

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