Thursday, March 26, 2009

175 - comedk january 2008 paper mcqs with answers part 21

101q: antipsychotic induced “akathisia” is characterized by ?

a. rigidity
b. tremor
c. spasm of muscle/ muscle group
d. restlessness

102q: which one of the following causes of hypoxemia is not corrected by giving supplemental oxygen ?

a. ventilation perfusion mismatch
b. alveolar hypoventilation
c. impairment of diffusion
d. right to left shunt

103q: moth eaten alopecia is seen in ?

a. black dot tinea
b. telogen effluvium
c. alopecia areata
d. secondary syphilis

104q: the most common benign tumor of the lung is ?

a. hamartoma
b. alveolar adenoma
c. teratoma
d. fibroma

105q: grey turner’s sign ( flank discoloration ) is seen in ?

a. acute pyelonephritis
b. acute cholecystitis
c. acute pancreatitis
d. acute peritonitis

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