Tuesday, March 24, 2009

142 - AIIMS community medicine mcqs or social and preventive medicine mcqs ( spm or psm ) from all previous years AIIMS papers with answers - part 35

176q: 100 women with a mean Hb of 10 gms % . SD is 1 . what is the standard error?

177q: atkins diet is severe restriction of ?

a. carbohydrate
b. protein
c. fat
d. vitamin

178q: LJ chart is used for ?

a. accuracy
b. precision
c. sensitivity
d. specificity

179q: which of the following dietary interventions reduces the further risk in MI patients ?

a. n3 PUFA
b. high fiber diet
c. sterol ester
d. potassium supplement

180q: group of diabetic patients , insulin was administered and long term monitoring of HBA1C level and blood glucose adjusted for age and sex was done . this test is best explained by ?

a. logistic regression
b. linear regression
c. pearson correlation coefficient
d. student T test

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