Friday, May 21, 2010

400 - AIIMS May 2010 Radiology Mcqs

190. A 48 yr old woman comes with b/l progressive weakness of both lower limbs, spasticity & mild impairment of respiratory movements. MRI shows an intradural mid-dorsal midline enhancing
lesion. What is the diagnosis?
a) Intradural lipoma
b) Meningioma
c) Neuroenteric cyst
d) Dermoid cyst

191. A patient brought in unconscious state with external injuries. CT is normal with no midline shift and ventricles are normal. Multiple small hemorhages are seen at the base of the brain. Diagnosis is
a) Subarachnoid hemorrhage
b) Diffuse axonal injuries
c) Concussion
d) Contusion

192. Investigation of choice for a lesion of temporal bone
a) CT
b) MRI
c) USG
d) Plain X-ray

193. Which of the following feature of thyroid nodule on usg is not sugestive of malignancy?
a) Hyperechogenesity
b) Hypoechogenesity
c) Non-homogenous
d) Microcalcification

194. Radiological features of left ventricular failure are all except
a) Oligemic lung fields
b) Increased flow in upper lobe veins
c) Cardiomegaly
d) Kerley B-lines

195. Characteristic radiological feature of fibrous dysplasia
a) Thickened bone matrix
b) Cortical erosion
c) Ground glass appearance
d) Bone enlargement

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