Friday, May 21, 2010

388 - AIIMS May 2010 Pharmacology Mcqs

64. Which is NOT an alkylating agent?
a) 5-FU
b) Chlorambucil
c) Melphalan
d) Cyclophosphamide

65. Which one of the following drugs cause hypomagnesemia by increased excretion?
a) Frusemide therapy
b) Cisplatin
c) Digitalis
d) Aminoglycosides

66. Which is NOT used in treatment of heroin dependence?
a) Disulfiram
b) Buprenorphine
c) Clonidine
d) Lofexidine

67. Dose limiting toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents
a) Bone marrow toxicity
b) GI toxicity
c) Neurotoxicity
d) Respiratory problems

68. Opioid agonist are A/E
a) Morphine
b) Codeine
c) Ketamine
d) Methadone

69. Drug NOT used in pulmonary hypertension
a) CCB
b) Endothelin receptor antagonist
c) Alpha blocker
d) Prostacyclin

70. Thalidomide is used in all except
a) HIV induced peripheral neuropathy
b) HIV induced mouth ulcer
c) Behcet's syndrome
d) Erythema nodosum leprosum

71. Oligospermia caused by
a) Methotrexate
b) Hydroxychloroquine
c) Leflunomide
d) D-Penicillamine

72. Which of the following drugs is both anti resoptive and bone formative?
a) Strontium ranelate
b) Calcitonin
c) Ibadronate
d) Teriperatide

73. Drug of choice for Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
a) Antihistaminics
b) Proton pump inhibitors
c) Dopamine agonists
d) Antacids

74. Pharmacovigilance is done for monitoring
a) Drug price
b) Unethical practices
c) Drug safety
d) Pharmacology students

75. All of the following drug is CYP3A inhibitor except
a) Erythromycin
b) Itraconazole
c) Ritonavir
d) Saquinavir

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