Thursday, May 13, 2010

382 - AIIMS May 2010 Mcqs with answers part 11

51q: Lice TRANSMITS a/e?
a. Q fever
b. trench fever
c. epidemic typhus
d. relapsing fever

52q: Hyperextensibility with NORMAL elastic recoil is a feature of
a. Ehlers Danlos syndrome
b. cutis laxa
c. scleroderma
d. ???????

53q: capacitation of sperm occurs in?
a. uterus.
b. epididymis.
c. vas deferen
d. ??????

54q: Eukaryotic plasma membrane is made of all except?
a. carbohydrates
b. lecithin
c. triglycerides
d. cholesterol

55q: which of the following doesnt affect free radicals in the lens?
a. vit a
b. vit c
c. vit e
d. catalase.

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