Monday, May 10, 2010

376 - AIIMS May 2010 Mcqs with answers part 5

21q: Paneth cells have
a. High zinc content
b. Numerous lysozyme granules
c. Rich RER
d. ??????

22q: Commonly seen with congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
a. hyperkalemic metabolic alkalosis
b. hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis
c. hyperkalemic metabolic acidosis
d. hypokalemic metabolic acidosis

23q: boy with blunt abd trauma - h/o pelvic fracture .. has passed only few drops of blood per meatus and no urine in the past 8 hrs.. bladder is palpable.. which of the following is correct?
a. anuria d/t haemorhagic shock
b. urethral injury
c. ureteral rupture leading to extravasation of urine in retroperitoneum?
d. bladder rupture

24q: Thalidomide is used in all of the following except
a. HIV associated peripheral neuropathy
b. HIV associated mouth ulcers
c. behcets disease
d. ENL

25q: Most specific marker for myeloid series
a. CD 117
b. CD 99
c. CD 45
d. CD 34

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koushiktripathy said...

21q i think q was wrong typed all except was not there..
ans foamy appearance..

23q urethral injury

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