Sunday, May 9, 2010

374 - AIIMS May 2010 Mcqs with answers part 3

11q: Which of the following is most diagnostic of Rabies?
a. Negri bodies
b. Guarnerii bodies
c. Cowdry B bodies

12q: Meralgia paresthetica is due to the involvement of
a. Sural nerve
b. Medial cutaneous nerve of thigh
c. Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh
d. Peroneal nerve

13q: Anterior ethmoidal nerve supplies all except
a. Dura matter in Anterior fossa
b. Internal nasal cavity
c. Ethmoidal cells
d. Lining of maxillary sinus

14q: What is the most sensitive test for the detection of prostate cancer
a. Per rectal examination
b. Per rectal examination + PSA
c. PSA
d. MRI coil inside rectum

15q: What is the best investigation for Fracture of temporal bone?
a. CT
b. MRI
c. X-ray
d. Angiography


Anonymous said...

14q pr exam + psa

13 q ??? max sinus???

molak fortynine said...

according to gray -
The anterior ethmoidal branch of the nasociliary nerve leaves the cranial cavity through a small slit near the crista galli and enters the roof of the nasal cavity. Here it runs in a groove on the inner surface of the nasal bone, and supplies the roof of the nasal cavity. It gives off a lateral internal branch to supply the anterior part of the lateral wall and a medial internal branch to the anterior and upper parts of the septum, before emerging at the inferior margin of the nasal bone as the external nasal nerve to supply the skin of the external nose to the nasal tip....

In the anterior cranial fossa, the dura is innervated by meningeal branches of the anterior and posterior ethmoidal nerves and anterior filaments of the meningeal rami of the maxillary (nervus meningeus medius) and mandibular (nervus spinosus) trigeminal divisions

so i agree with dr.kaushik..d ans shuld be maxilary sinus..

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