Friday, May 21, 2010

397 - AIIMS May 2010 ENT Mcqs

180. Most common site for CSF rhinorrhoea
a) Frontal sinus
b) Ethmoidal sinus
c) Tegmen tympani
d) Maxillary sinus

181. A case of Bell’s palsy presents on day 3. Which of the following is the appropriate
a) Oral steroids alone
b) Oral steroids + antiviral acyclovir
c) Acyclovir + amantadine
d) Intralabyrinthine steroids

182. Endolymph in inner ear produced by
a) Phalangeal cells
b) Stria vascularis
c) Lamina spiralis ossea
d) Basilar membrane

183. Extrinsic membranes of larynx are A/E
a) Cricothyroid
b) Thyrohyoid
c) Hyoepiglottic
d) Cricotracheal

184. Infection of CNS spreads in inner ear through
a) Cochlear aqueduct
b) Endolymphatic sac
c) Vestibular aqueduct
d) Hyrtle fissure

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