Friday, May 21, 2010

385 - AIIMS May 2010 Biochemistry Mcqs

24. Splicing activity seen in
a) mRNA
b) snRNA
c) tRNA
d) rRNA

25. After digestion by restriction endonucleases DNA strands can be joined again by
a) DNA polymerase
b) DNA ligase
c) DNA topoisomerase
d) DNA gyrase

26. Acetyl coA can be directly converted to all except
a) Glucose
b) Fatty acids
c) Cholesterol
d) Ketone bodies

27. After overnite fasing,levels of glucose tranporters reduced in
a) Brain
b) Muscle
c) Adipocytes
d) Hepatocyte

28. Insulin stimulates A/E
a) Glycolysis
b) Glycogenesis
c) Lipogenesis
d) Ketogenesis

29. Eukaryotic cell membrane contains A/E
a) Cholesterol
b) Triglycerides
c) Carbohydrates
d) Lecithin

30. All of the following are true bout sickle cell trait except
a) Single nucleotide change leads to a change from glutamate to valine
b) A single base pair change leads to RFLP
c) Deoxygenated Hb leads to the exposure of sticky end due to replacement of non polar residue by polar residue
d) Offers protection to malaria in heterozygotes

31. Hepatomegaly is the essential feature for all of the following except
a) Hepatic porphyria
b) Niemann Pick disease
c) Von Gierke’s disease
d) Hurler syndrome

32. A 40 yr old woman presents with progressive palmoplantar pigmentation. X-ray spine shows calcification of intervertebral discs. On adding Benedict’s reagent to urine, it gives
greenish brown precipitate and blue black supernatant fluid. What is the diagnosis?
a) Phenylketonuria
b) Alkaptonuria
c) Tyrosinemia type 2
d) Argininosuccinic aciduria

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