Friday, May 21, 2010

394 - AIIMS May 2010 Orthopaedics Mcqs

151. A 68 yr old man came with pain and swelling of right knee. Ahlbeck grade 2 osteoarthritic changes were found on investigation. What is the further management?
a) Conservative
b) Arthroscopic washout
c) High tibial osteotomy
d) Total knee replacement

152. Which of the following is a pulsatile tumor?
a) Osteosarcoma
b) Chondrosarcoma
c) Osteoclastoma
d) Ewing’s sarcoma

153. Posterior glenohumeral instability is tested by
a) Jerk test
b) Crank test
c) Sulcus test
d) Fulcrum test

154. Mineral of the bone is
a) Calcite
b) Hydroxyapatite
c) Calcium oxide
d) Calcium carbonate

155. 65 yrs old man with H/o of back pain since 3 months. ESR is raised. Marked stiffness on examination. Mild restriction of chest movements. On X-ray, syndesmophytes are present. Diagnosis is
a) Ankylosing spondylitis
b) Degenerative osteoarthritis of spine
c) Ankylosing hyperosteosis
d) Lumbar canal stenosis

156. A lady presents with right knee swelling. Aspiration was done in which CPPD crystals were obtained. Next best investigation is
a) ANA
b) RF
c) CPK
d) TSH

157. Synovial fluid – True statements are A/E
a) Secreted by Type A cells
b) Follows Non-Newtonian fluid kinetics
c) Contains hyaluronic acid
d) Viscosity is variable

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