Friday, May 21, 2010

389 - AIIMS May 2010 Microbiology Mcqs

76. Most sensitive test for Treponema
b) RPR
d) Kahn

77. A male patient presented with granulomatous penile ulcer. On Wright giemsa stain tiny organisms of 2 microns within macrophages seen. What is the causative organism?
a) LGV
b) Calymmatobacterium granulomatis
c) Neisseria
d) Staph aureus

78. Maltese cross seen on polarizing microscopy in
a) Cryptococcus neoformans
b) Penicillium marneffi
c) Blastomyces
d) Candida albicans

79. Diagnostic of Rabies
a) Guaneri bodies
b) Negri bodies
c) Cowdry A body
d) Cowdry B body

80. HIV pt with malabsotion, fever, chronic diarrohea, with acid fast positive organism. What is the causative agent?
a) Giardia
b) Microsporidia
c) Isospora
d) E.histolytica

81. Congenital toxoplasmosis – False is
a) Diagnosed by detection of IgM in cord blood
b) IgA is more sensitive than IgM for detection
c) Dye test is gold standard for IgG
d) Avidity testing must be done to differentiate between IgA & IgM

82. Malabsorption caused by A/E
a) Giardia
b) Ascaris
c) Strongyloides
d) Capillaria philipensis

83. Irradiation can be used to sterilize A/E
a) Bone graft
b) Suture
c) Artificial tissue graft
d) Bronchoscope

84. Arbovirus – True is
a) Yellow fever is endemic in India
b) Dengue has only one serotype
c) KFD was first identified in West Bengal
d) Chikungunya is transmitted by Aedes

85. Lymes disease all are true except
a) Borellia burgdorferi replicates locally and invades locally
b) Infection progresses inspite of good humoral immunity
c) Polmorphonuclear lymphocytosis in CSF suggest meningeal involvement
d) IgA intrathecally confirms meningitis

86. Streptococcus all are true except
a) Streptodornase cleaves dna
b) Streptolysin O is active in reduced state
c) Streptokinase is produced from serotype strep. A,C,K
d) Pyrotoxin A is plasmid mediated

87. Not used in leptospirosis
a) Microscopic agglutination test
b) Dark field illumination
c) Macroscopic agglutination test
d) Weil felix reaction

88. Superantigens true is
a) Directtly attached to variable region of MHC
b) Needs to proccessed and presented to cleft of MHC
c) Not recalled
d) Not recalled

89. CD4+ is not important for which of the following
a) Antibody production
b) Cytotoxicity of T cells
c) Memory B cells
d) Opsonisation

90. Antigen antibody precipitation is maximally seen in which of the following?
a) Excess of antibody
b) Excess of antigen
c) Equivalence of antibody and antigen
d) Antigen-Hapten Interaction

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